The Nikola Corporation's mission is to build the future by investing in electric truck technology. They design and manufacture heavy-duty electric trucks, as well as invest in the next generation of hydrogen-fueled trucks. The company believes these commercial electric trucks will help to make the world a better place. Their zero-emission transportation solution can make a huge impact on carbon emissions worldwide. Clean energy is obtainable for all, and by investing in these heavy-duty electric trucks, you can help make the world a better place, too. With a full-service lease program, these heavy-duty trucks are affordable.



With the advancement of technology, electric vehicles are becoming an increasingly viable option for many. And because of their environmental benefits, many people are investing in them in order to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Wagner Truck and Trailer is proud to offer our new line of electric trucking options by Nikola Motors.



  • Driver Experience - The Nikola Tre BEV provides a spacious and well-laid-out environment rich in comfort features and advanced technology. With its high visibility and smooth ride, free of the noise and odor of a diesel engine, the Nikola Tre BEV is set to become your driver's favorite vehicle and the envy of the other drivers on the road.
  • Performance - The Nikola Tre BEV 6x2 packs up to 733kWh of energy into a compact 186" wheelbase, which means it has the power, range (up to 330 miles), and maneuverability to address a variety of metro-regional applications while operating at a lower cost than conventional diesel tractors.
  • Proven Platform - Beyond its distinctive and award-winning design, the Nikola Tre BEV is a reliable heavy-duty truck built upon a proven IVECO S-Wayplatform. You can rest assured that the Nikola Tre BEV will be a durable workhorse that will keep your drivers on the road and reduce your overall maintenance cost.


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Wagner Truck and Trailer offers an amazing selection of products at our dealer locations in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas. We partner with the top names in many complementary industries, such as Nikola Motors in order to continue to bring our customers the widest selection available. Our mission is to continually innovate and provide our customers what they want. With this latest addition, we are excited to be adding electric powered trucks to our line up. Since 1976, our team has been offering comprehensive solutions to meet our customers needs, with the best service department, maintenance programs, and OEM parts. We want to ensure your business keeps moving.