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All machines are made up of many parts. Motorized vehicles take a lot of components in order to run smoothly, from the engine to the wheels, drive shaft, and suspension systems. There are hundreds of parts that go together to ensure your heavy equipment machines function when you need them to do the heavy lifting for you on your construction, mining, road building, or forestry site. Yet, since they are parts that go together to make a machine function, they do eventually wear down and will need replacement.

Wagner Equipment Co is a Caterpillar dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas. We offer used heavy equipment and new equipment for sale, as well as used heavy equipment parts. We are a full-service Caterpillar dealer, meaning we also offer service for your heavy equipment, including field service technicians who will come out to your location to service your machine.

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When it comes to repairing equipment, it’s important to use the right parts. Whether you require new parts for maximum production, used parts to keep you running or something in between, Wagner has an option for you. Leveraging both a vast inventory and a wide-spread sourcing network, Wagner supplies used and remanufactured Cat parts to businesses and brokers all over the world. Buy with confidence from a brick & mortar company that’s been around since 1976.


  • Just as good as new. Many used Cat parts and other used heavy equipment parts are barely used. This is because new Caterpillar parts are constantly in production, and with the new machines, models, and innovations that heavy equipment companies, such as Caterpillar, come out with, many of these new Cat parts are barely used before they are replaced. This means that when you invest in used Caterpillar parts, you’ll be getting a like-new part that has barely been used for less cost. This sounds like a deal to us!
  • Environmentally-friendly. Anytime you invest in used or slightly-used resale items, you are reducing your impact on the environment. This holds true for used heavy equipment parts as well. By using used Cat parts, you’ll reduce the source material that is used, as well as the energy that is used to produce new heavy equipment parts.
  • Readily available. Used Cat parts and other used heavy equipment parts, such as John Deere heavy equipment parts, are often readily available at your Cat Parts Store. This is because we tend to keep these parts in stock and we are constantly getting in new and used Caterpillar parts, which keeps our inventory stocked and ready for your use.
  • Affordable. Of course, buying used means you save money because you aren’t buying new. This also saves on the amount of taxes you’ll pay as well, which many people overlook as a benefit of buying used heavy equipment parts. Like the heavy equipment that these used parts make up, Caterpillar parts are manufactured to last many years, usually well over a decade. In reality, most heavy equipment parts are replaced well before then, leaving you a golden opportunity to cash in. Call Wagner Equipment Co today!

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  • Perfect fit. While most heavy equipment parts stay the same throughout the years, there can be little tweaks here and there that would make it so some component parts do not fit exactly. This can lead to some creative finagling and fidgeting to get the used heavy equipment part to fit correctly. If you have an older Cat machine, the best place to find Cat parts that fit is your Cat Parts Store. Here, you can find the older model parts quite easily that will actually fit.
  • Holds its value. We all know that if you buy new, as soon as you leave the Caterpillar dealership, the value of the heavy machinery drops in value. This same principle holds true for used Cat parts. There is a large market for Reman Cat parts and used heavy equipment parts, and everything on your heavy equipment is worth money. Keep that in mind when you are deciding between new or used Caterpillar parts.
  • Best ROI. In conjunction with our last point, you’ll have the best return on investment when you buy used parts versus new parts. If the day comes where you’ve decided to retire from construction heavy equipment use and your Cat machine has seen better days, its Caterpillar parts are worth money that you could sell.

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Wagner Equipment Co offers the best new and used heavy equipment for sale, as well as heavy equipment rentals. Our Caterpillar dealers are located in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas. However, we don’t believe in leaving you out to dry once we sell you a Cat machine. We are a full-service Caterpillar dealer, offering the highest-quality used heavy equipment parts, Caterpillar service on your machines, machine control systems, fluids analysis, work tools, power systems, and more. Our staff adheres to our values that include teamwork, excellence, accountability, safety, integrity, and communication. We love helping our customers with their heavy equipment and heavy equipment parts needs, so you can continue to provide exceptional service for your customers, whether that’s installing flower beds or building a barn.

Wagner Equipment Co continues to exceed our customers’ expectations every time. We have over 230 field service technicians who can come out to your place of business and fix your Cat machine using genuine Cat parts. If you need a piece of heavy equipment for only one job, consider our heavy equipment rental or our Cat attachments to get the job done. We offer trailers for material and equipment hauling as well, so you can get your heavy equipment to where you need it. Our Cat dealers continually invest in technology, offering online services, such as Cat parts online, as well as bill pay if you choose to utilize our Cat financing options. There are so many services we offer, it can be dizzying. Reach out to a Cat service technician for all of the answers to your questions today!

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Wagner is your go-to CAT equipment dealer in Colorado, west Texas, and New Mexico. Contact us at your convenience to learn more.

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