Wagner Equipment Co. is committed to provide you with the tools to get the job done. VisionLink's features and capabilities are designed especially for you to take full advantage of the VisionLink solution. Easy to use resources will allow you to become an expert in VisionLink.

Discover How VisionLink Works. Evaluate Performance. Increase Productivity. Boost Your Profits.

VisionLink Productivity is a cloud-based application scalable to any size operation, regardless of asset brand. Access wherever you are, via mobile, tablet or desktop.

  • VisionLink makes use of data collection hardware called Product Link™ installed on your Cat® machine. Product Link accumulates a variety of data and telemetry information about your machine, including its total hours of operation, fuel consumption and overall condition. By accessing the VisionLink application via any internet connection, you can get real-time updates and insights on the health of your machine. When you’re on the go, you can also receive alerts via email or SMS text messaging.
  • VisionLink software analyzes the data for you. You can review data from a host of jobsites and instantly gain a real-time picture of your fleet. It gives you insights into your equipment’s health as well as how effectively it’s being used.
  • VisionLink allows you to compare individual operators’ productivity and idle time numbers to motivate improvement. Receive alerts if unsafe actions occur so you act quickly to prevent accidents and identify training opportunities.
  • Know if, when, where and how every asset is being used. You can bid and schedule projects more accurately and easily manage an entire jobsite via one interface. That's VisionLink.


Download the app on your mobile device, available on Google Play and the App Store

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Keep track of machine location and activity, automatically.


Operate more efficiently by tracking asset usage and fuel burn.


View snapshot reporting of fleet health, availability and condition.


Evaluate individual assets by load counts, payload, and key metrics to help boost efficiency.


Monitor fleet production and metrics across jobsites - share them as custom-made reports to teams.

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