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Select the Right Cat Payload Technology for Your Machines

Is loading goods or materials a primary function in your business's operations? Ensuring maximum loading speed and accuracy is crucial to your company's success. Cat® Payload comprises various state-of-the-art technologies from Caterpillar that are designed to provide timely information to equipment operators. Your crews will get the correct loads onboard, reduce loading times and keep production targets on track.

Cat Payload can maximize loading performance for several equipment types.

Wheel Loaders

Cat Payload technologies for wheel loaders include:

  • L&M Series: This onboard system facilitates mobile weighing, aiding operators in achieving precise targets and tracking daily productivity from the cab.
  • Next Generation: Found on new Cat wheel loaders, Cat Payload eliminates loading guesswork with fast calibration and real-time in-cab feedback.
  • Large Wheel Loaders: For larger machines, this solution enables in-cab weight determination at the stockpile, along with pass counts and target weight information.


Next-gen excavators use Cat® Payload technology for real-time weighing, ensuring precise loading, stockpiling, and material handling. In-cab payload weighing enhances productivity by providing operators with real-time weight data, boosting efficiency. It enables up to 10% faster loading through low-lift weight tech and immediate feedback, reducing unnecessary cycles. Fast calibration and a clear display eliminate guesswork, ensuring efficient and accurate material handling.


Cat Payload Estimator is an integrated technology tool for wheel tractor-scrapers that includes advanced Grade Control, Load Assist and Sequence Assist for a comprehensive earthmoving solution. Access the accumulated payload data at the end of the haul to gain immediate insight into the machine's performance and productivity. The continuous monitoring capabilities enable you to assess individual machine data and help you meet production targets.

Articulated Trucks

Cat Production Measurement for articulated trucks increases productivity by providing real-time weighing information that helps you maximize loads and keep your vehicles moving. Various in-cab monitoring displays allow operators to eliminate the need for manual estimation via automatic signaling that notifies them when achieving the target payload. The data also enables you to load the trucks to capacity without the risk of overloading.

Cat Payload Technology

Truck Production Management System

Caterpillar and Wagner can also provide a cutting-edge payload management system that enhances fleet productivity and reduces operating costs. The built-in components include integrated sensors that increase loading accuracy. An intuitive machine display simplifies viewing for operators and provides faster and more precise navigation. Integration with Cat VisionLink® and MineStar™ solutions ensures seamless data transmission between project managers and the machines.

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