How do I return to PartStore after going to the SIS parts books?

When clicking on the SIS Parts Book link in PartStore, if the user needs to return to PartStore, they can click on PartStore in the ‘Quick Access’ drop down list on the top right hand side of the website. The other option is when the user is on a parts page in SIS, there is an ‘Order Parts’ button that will return the user to PartStore.

Do you have a list of maintenance parts for my machine?

Some Cat dealers have turned on the Planned Maintenance Checklist link for their customers. This functionality will allow users to search for maintenance parts and associated tasks based on the equipment and the number of hours on the machine. The Planned Maintenance Checklist link can be found on the PartStore Home page or in the global navigation in the Resources section. If the link is not visible, contact your local Wagner Cat dealer rep.

Where do I change the store location?

–If you pickup or delivered parts from a specific store location, choose “Preferences” at the top of the screen, find the header Order Information, Store Location, select any of the 3 options provided. Whatever you choose on the Preference screen will be your default information.
–To change the store location for one order, from the parts entry screen at the top, you can change the Store Location. The Cat equipment store location will revert back to the default store location at your next login.

–When searching for parts in SIS, there is an option for Price & Availability at the bottom of the screen. This will give you an idea as to where the part is and estimated delivery.

What does the “W” in front of the part number mean?

The “W” indicates the part is a Wagner Exchange, Wagner Equipment Co. rebuilt component.

Why do some parts indicate to call the parts department for price and availability?

This means the part you ordered is not in your default store location or the quantity of the Caterpillar part is not available in your default Wagner store.

What do I do when I can’t see my graphics in SIS?

Run the sis graphics download from the SIS main menu screen. SIS DjVu Install.exe, Arbortext IsoView7.1 msi, CreoView Consumer 32.exe. Also see Internet Settings at the bottom of this document.

What is the hard drive (HD) space and RAM required for SIS parts?

Caterpillar recommends 20 GB of free HD and 6 GB RAM.

Why is it important to set your default store to the facility you generally deal with?

To ensure you receive the Cat parts to the location that is convenient to your business.

How do I find out what drop boxes are available for me to use?

Check with your product support representative, they can help you with what drop box to use that is best for your business.

I have a credit account, but would like to pay with my credit card on some purchases, can I do this?

At this time we are unable to process credit card orders on line.

Will I receive an order confirmation?

Yes, the order will be placed and you will receive an order confirmation.
If your preference is set, you will also receive an order confirmation email. Click “View Order Summary” to view details of this order.

My drops down menus are blank in PartStore, what can I do?

This usually happens if your version of internet explorer needs to be upgrade, IE 7 to IE 8. Also,
Go to Tools, Compatibility View Settings, Add the website; https://*

I would like to add Cat machines to my equipment list, can and how do I do this?

It is recommended that you work with your product support representative (PSSR) to ensure the equipment list in Wagner database is correct; they can then inform marketing and PartStore administrator of the changes.
If for any reason we download your Caterpillar equipment and you added equipment, you will get duplicate entries.

How do I delete machines from my equipment list?

It is recommended that you work with your Wagner product support representative (PSSR) to ensure that your equipment list is correct in Wagner’s database.

Can COD customers get a PartStore account?

Due to program restraints, at this time we are unable to provide COD customers with PartStore access.

Do I have to have a dedicated computer to have SIS?

For SIS web access you do not need a dedicated computer, it is web based.
For SIS DVD, it is a based on a dedicated computer.

How do I reset my password?

On the sign on screen, below the user name and password box, there is a “Forgot your password” option. Follow the prompts. If you’re having difficulty, call the PartStore Administrator at 303-739-3117.

Why won’t it allow me to change my password?

If you have saved your password, Windows retains the saved password. The only way to fix this is to clear the passwords in internet options. Be aware this will clear your entire saved passwords.

Internet Setting

–Internet Explorer version 8
–Tools, Internet Options, Browsing History, Settings, Check for newer versions of stored pages, Every time I visit the webpage.
–Tools, pop up blocker; expanded menu should read Turn on pop up blocker, which means it is off.
— Tools, Internet Options, Browsing History, Delete, checked items are Preserve Favorites website data, Temporary Internet files, Cookies, History, delete.
–*Specifically on Windows 7 operating system – Tools, Internet Options, Security Tab, Enabled Protected Mode needs to be un-checked, requires restarting internet explorer.
–*Specifically on Windows 7 operating system –Start, Search box type UAC, change user account control setting, slide bar set to Never.

*If these two are enabled when trying to install a program, some of the install files will not install. They can be turned on after installation.

Reach out to your local Wagner representative if you have any questions. We are your go-to Cat equipment dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas!