As of March 2023, My.Cat.Com has merged with VisionLink® and the Cat® App to form a centralized solution for fleet management. The new VisionLink streamlines equipment management to optimize utilization and maximize uptime. Users can now experience the benefits of all these different applications within a single, convenient, consolidated platform.

The New VisionLink

The powerful new VisionLink program makes managing your business easier by providing the accessible, accurate insights you need to run operations more efficiently. It combines features and capabilities from My.Cat.Com, the Cat app and the previous version of VisionLink to empower users with up-to-date asset data that leads to more informed management decisions.

With a fresh, intuitive user interface, today's VisionLink enables users to navigate information and address equipment management challenges with ease. The cloud-based design allows users to manage all assets, regardless of make or manufacturer, on any device and from any location. Staying current on key metrics, asset locations, fuel levels, idle times and other critical information is easier than ever before.

All user accounts have seamlessly transitioned from the previous platforms to the new VisionLink to simplify the process for clients. Users can define access levels for personnel and generate customized reports to suit unique business needs.

Learn More About VisionLink

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