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Grading slopes, digging foundations and laying asphalt require maximum precision. Implementing Cat® Grade technology with your motor graders, excavators, dozers, pavers and scrapers will improve your results in these demanding projects. You'll experience better accuracy, fewer reworks and lower costs in rough- and fine-finish grading applications.

Caterpillar and Wagner can provide the perfect match between machine and technology.

Cat Grade excavator

Motor Graders

Using Cat Grade with your motor grader fleet provides a machine-integrated solution to increase accuracy, productivity and efficiency. Cat Grade with 3D offers a full range of blade movement to ensure grading consistency. Cat Grade with Cross Slope maximizes blade potential and significantly reduces material costs. It also increases efficiency by reducing the number of passes needed and optimizing the grader's fuel consumption.


Choose from three Cat Grade technologies to improve machine efficiency and precision:

  • Cat Grade Assist: This version uses boom and stick automation to enhance cutting accuracy. It also features intuitive sensors to facilitate single-lever digging.
  • Cat Grade with 2D: Implement this grade option to access real-time guidance for enhanced grading control. Make cuts and fills to your exact specifications.
  • Cat Grade with 3D: This Cat Grade option uses GNSS technology and RTK positioning. Grade complex designs across multiple machines for commercial and large infrastructure projects.


Cat Grade with 3D improves bulldozer productivity, accuracy and efficiency by enabling operators to utilize automated blade movements via a GPS signal. The system performs well on plains, slopes, complex designs and contours. Operators can access the intuitive touchscreen interface to view design plans while in the cab.

Cat Slope Assist allows dozers to function faster and easier in areas where no GPS signal is available. The technology will enable operators to obtain optimal surface quality by maintaining the blade's cross slope.


Cat Sequence Assist is an example of a Cat Grade technology that simplifies the operation of wheel tractor-scrapers. Intuitive position-sensing cylinders automatically maneuver the implements into the appropriate spot for each work cycle stage. User-friendly controls enable operators to complete jobs with fewer passes, increasing productivity and minimizing fatigue.

Paving Equipment

Cat Grade technologies encompass several options for paving machines:

  • Grade and slope: This system features intuitive sensors designed to control elevation and slope, helping to remove surface irregularities.
  • Grade and slope for cold planers: Milling operators can use this technology to create a smooth base by improving cutting accuracy and consistency.
  • Thermal mapping for pavers: Use this grading solution to monitor asphalt surface temperatures to identify variations and make corrections.
Cat Grade for Dozers

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