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Choose From Multiple Cat Product Link Device Options

Timely and effective fleet management is crucial for maximizing your heavy equipment's productivity and extending its life span. Cat® Product Link is an advanced technology that wirelessly connects to your machines and provides valuable insight into their performance. Use it to track service hours, location, idle time and other key parameters.

While Caterpillar includes Product Link on most of its new equipment, you can also purchase installation kits to retrofit older machines. Several hardware options are available for your fleet.


Cat® Product Link


This cellular radio telematics device comes with robust features like a 4G radio, IP69K waterproofing and ping on-demand to keep up with your entire fleet. The five-year battery life ensures reliable long-term operation.


This easy-to-install aftermarket device is ideal for machines with datalinks. It allows you to collect critical information about location, service hours, fuel consumption and fault codes.


If you operate heavy-duty machines or construction equipment, the PL631 is a satellite-powered device for gathering location, fuel and other essential information.


Caterpillar designed the PL444 for electrical power and industrial power systems applications. Use it to track service hours, fault codes and locations for your Cat gensets.


This Cat Product Link device is suitable for equipment in the Chinese market. It tracks location, service hours and fuel consumption and supports over-the-air updates for construction and heavy-duty machines.


If you use hammer or bucket attachments with your excavators, this hardware option enables tool recognition and location monitoring.

Cat product link
Cat product link

Cat Product Link Benefits

Integrating Product Link into your company's fleet management processes offers several benefits:

  • Informed decisions: The valuable information these devices provide enables you to make fact-based decisions about your equipment instead of relying on guesswork.
  • Increased productivity: Product Link offers more insight into your fleet, helping you get the most out of every machine. It also identifies training opportunities to improve operator performance.
  • Flexibility: The wireless functionality gives you more options for utilizing Product Link. Depending on the device, Product Link is compatible with Bluetooth, cellular and satellite technology.
  • Easy installation: You can mount a Cat Product Link device to your machine in minutes. It also integrates easily with Cat mobile and online applications.
  • Scalability: The scalable features enable you to expand the data collection capabilities as your needs evolve or the equipment usage increases.

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