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What Can You Do With the Cat Inspect App?

Cat Inspect gives you more ways to stay connected with your equipment. Use the app to capture crucial inspection data regarding your machinery and job sites. You can also view fluid analysis reports that provide more insight into your fleet's condition.

The app enables you to generate custom forms to standardize your inspection process and ensure consistency throughout your fleet. You can also create and save images and videos to refer to when assessing your equipment's condition. Are other team members involved with inspections? Share the results online to foster a more collaborative environment.

Cat digital inspections can help prioritize your company's equipment repair budget. Use the color-coded rating system to quickly identify the items that require immediate attention and those that can wait. This approach will allow you to allocate equipment resources more efficiently.

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Additional Cat Inspect Benefits

Other advantages the Cat Inspect app provides for your business include:

  • Time savings: Performing a digital inspection is faster and more efficient than a manual process. The app can automatically populate information and data for your entire fleet, saving more time. You can devote more attention and resources to productive areas of your business, like completing projects and growing your operation.
  • Easy integration: Cat Inspect is compatible with other technologies from Caterpillar. For example, you can pair the app with Cat VisionLink®, a cloud-based software application that provides valuable insight into your fleet management practices to eliminate guesswork.
  • Convenience: Use this mobile technology anywhere. Access and review your equipment data in the office, on the road or at the job site via your mobile device.
  • Less paperwork: Cat Inspect eliminates the need for paper inspections. You'll never have to worry about losing documents or creating file space in your office.
  • No cost: You can download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play. Enhance equipment inspection results without increasing your company's operating expenses.

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Start Using the Cat Inspect App Today

Regular inspections are an important but often overlooked component of the heavy equipment fleet management and maintenance process. Cat® Inspect is a valuable digital resource from Caterpillar and Wagner Equipment Co. that makes it easy to track inspections and take appropriate actions to maintain your fleet's health and maximize its longevity. With this user-friendly mobile app at your disposal, you'll never miss a machine inspection again.

As the authorized Cat dealer for far West Texas, Colorado and New Mexico, Wagner can help you implement the Cat Inspect app into your fleet management practices. We can also show you how to integrate it with other Cat equipment technologies to make more informed maintenance decisions.

Let Cat Inspect and the knowledgeable team at Wagner Equipment Co. help you make the equipment inspection process faster, easier and more convenient and bolster your fleet management efforts. Take the next step and download the free app today. Call us at 303-739-3000 or contact us online if you have questions or need additional information.

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