Cat® Equipment Management


About Cat Equipment Management Products

The EM product line comprises multiple technologies that work together to transform machine data into clear, actionable information. You can make timely and educated fleet management decisions.

Cat EM Solutions


VisionLink® is a robust cloud-based software solution from Caterpillar that provides complete visibility when managing your fleet. Get access to telematics data that provides actionable insights into your equipment's performance and condition.

VisionLink helps you monitor your machines' fault codes, track their location, determine fuel levels, assess overall utilization and perform other valuable functions. Receive this essential data via your desktop or mobile device whenever you need it. Use the information to remove the guesswork from the fleet management process.


Cat Inspect

Regular inspections enable you to detect potential issues before they become significant and more expensive to repair. Cat Inspect is a user-friendly app that allows you to use your mobile device to gather essential inspection data quickly and efficiently. Choose from three inspection types to meet your company's needs, including equipment, site and scheduled oil sampling (SOS) fluid analysis.

These digital inspections provide the most up-to-date and relevant information when monitoring your fleet. The software platform also integrates with VisionLink technology to simplify machine health tracking.


Remote Troubleshooting

This diagnostic tool enables you to test the machine while it's running, making it easier to identify mechanical issues. Wagner Equipment technicians can receive the information, allowing an informative consultation with your company when determining the most practical and cost-effective repair solution.

Remote Flash

Today's heavy equipment relies on software to manage and control its various functions. Remote Flash is an advanced Cat equipment management technology that allows us to send timely alerts to your business when it's time for a software update. Utilizing Remote Flash optimizes machine performance by enabling you to receive and implement the most recent updates when they're released. It also decreases equipment maintenance downtime.

Product Link

Product Link™ is a wireless EM technology that delivers valuable insight into your fleet's performance. Scalable features provide enhanced data collection capabilities in critical areas like machine service hours, fuel status and current location. Available connectivity options include Bluetooth, satellite and cellular.


Cat® Product Link

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Along with your workers, your heavy equipment is among your company's most valuable assets. If you own Cat® machines in Colorado, New Mexico or far west Texas, you can benefit from the suite of equipment management (EM) solutions from Caterpillar and Wagner Equipment Co. to manage your fleet more efficiently and lower your operating costs.

As the region's exclusive Cat dealer since 1976, Wagner offers the latest Cat equipment management solutions featuring the most innovative technologies on the market. We can help you implement EM into your fleet to optimize its health and enhance job site productivity and efficiency.

Ready to discover all the advantages of integrating EM solutions from Caterpillar and Wagner Equipment into your company's fleet management practices? Take the next step and contact us for additional information. Call us at 303-739-3000 or reach out online today.

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