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A Wide Range of Cat Detect Technologies

While all construction operations want to complete projects quickly and efficiently, keeping workers safe is a top priority. The latest innovations in heavy equipment technology include advanced safety features designed to prevent workplace accidents.

Cat Detect includes multiple state-of-the-art technologies that will make your job sites safer.

Cat® Detect

2D E-Fence

Excavators are essential equipment at most construction and mining sites. The 2D E-fence reduces the risk of damage and injuries by creating boundaries to keep workers out of harm's way.

The 2D E-fence relies on data from intuitive position sensors to automatically stop the machine's motion when it approaches the edge of predetermined boundaries. The easy setup enables operators to complete the process quickly and go to work with fewer concerns about accidents.

Construction and mining sites are busy places filled with mobile equipment and personnel. Cat Detect People Detection for excavators reduces the risk of a machine striking and injuring a worker by sensing the presence of individuals on the ground. This intelligent vision camera system notifies operators when someone enters the hazard zone by providing timely visual and audible safety alerts.

People Detection is capable of differentiating humans from background objects. It can function without additional technologies and complements other equipment safety systems.

Rear Object Detection

Do you depend on wheel loaders to move and load dirt, gravel, stone and other materials? This two-part detection system enhances safety by increasing blind spot awareness. Rear Object Detection utilizes radar to deliver visual and audible alerts when objects enter the proximity zone.

This Cat Detect technology features a detection system to monitor objects appearing behind the wheel loader. It works while in neutral with the parking brake disengaged or in reverse. Proximity bars issue five warning levels to indicate an object's nearness. The system also includes a camera to let operators see what's behind them when reversing the machine.

Camera Systems

Maximize visibility and safety by installing a high-performing Cat camera system. Options include:

  • Cat Detect with Smart Camera: These smart cameras use an algorithm to detect people around the machine and issue intelligent alerts to notify the operator.
  • Cat Detect with Surround Cameras: This system implements three or four cameras and an in-cab display to give operators a panoramic view of their surroundings.
  • Cat Detect with Rear Camera: This camera and cab-mounted touch screen display give you a comprehensive view of what's behind the machine.
Cat Detect Technology

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At Wagner Equipment Co., we take safety seriously. As the authorized Cat® dealer for Colorado, New Mexico and far West Texas, we offer Cat Detect and other cutting-edge safety technologies from Caterpillar. These proximity systems, cameras and sensors enable operators to increase their awareness of potential hazards and take appropriate steps to avoid them. Get peace of mind knowing you're doing everything possible to protect your company's most valuable assets — your workers.

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