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Soil and asphalt compaction are essential processes at many construction and roadwork sites. Advanced compaction technology enables faster and more precise completion of this task.

Innovative Cat Compact technologies offer advanced measurement capabilities that ensure proper and precise compaction with each pass. They also provide valuable completion data to help gauge the work's progress and results — meaning you'll reduce fuel costs and spend less time and effort on reworks.

Cat Compact technology is available in multiple forms to meet your company's specific compaction requirements.

Cat compact technology

Compaction Algorithm

This technology from Caterpillar seamlessly combines advanced compaction measurement, an in-cab guidance system and detailed reporting capability to provide a comprehensive solution for equipment operators and fleet managers. The satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS) enables operators to utilize low-accuracy satellite positioning to map the machine's pass counts. Operators can also use the full-color display to monitor coverage areas.

Compaction Meter Valve (CMV)

This accelerometer-based system, which is available on Cat tandem vibratory asphalt and smooth drum vibratory soil compactors, provides essential information regarding the material's stiffness. Operators can use this data to produce uniform compaction and assess the base structure's health. Operators can also utilize the mapping function to verify coverage uniformity, monitor the job's progress and identify trouble spots requiring additional attention.

By guiding the operator through a reliable testing methodology, CMV also enhances the overall compaction quality.

Machine Drive Power (MDP)

Cat Compact with MDP empowers equipment operators to determine when the compaction results meet the target value or when it's better to move on to the next task. You can avoid wasting valuable time by cutting back on unnecessary passes.

The intuitive MDP technology can detect areas of insufficient moisture content below the surface. It can also indicate the degree of soil stiffness by correlating compaction with rolling resistance.

Temperature Indication

Maintaining the appropriate temperature is crucial in asphalt compaction applications. This specialized Cat Compact technology utilizes GPS mapping and infrared sensors to allow operators to obtain current asphalt mat temperatures. It also provides up-to-date information regarding machine pass counts, coverage and positioning.

By ensuring the compaction process is providing full coverage and maintaining the optimal temperature, Cat Compact with Temperature Indication maximizes asphalt density and improves performance. The technology is also simple to operate, saving time and hassles at the site.

Cat® Compact

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Do you operate a construction company or another business that performs soil or asphalt compaction in Colorado, New Mexico or the El Paso area of far West Texas? Wagner Equipment Co. offers state-of-the-art Cat® Compact navigation technology to deliver faster and more accurate compaction results. As the region's authorized Cat dealer since 1976, we can provide the right solution to boost your fleet's productivity, reduce operating costs and maximize your bottom line.

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