Cat® Command


Choose From Multiple Cat Command Technologies

Cat Command is available with various types of Cat equipment for construction and mining applications:

General construction: Use the advanced remote control system to maximize productivity by immediately restarting operations after a disruptive event. You'll also experience smooth, precise machine control — just like operating from the cab.

Excavating: Cat Command keeps your operators out of harm's way when digging in potentially dangerous environments.

Bulldozing: Choose from line-of-sight consoles or long-distance operator stations to remove operators from the cab while maintaining full maneuverability.

Loading: Using Cat Command to operate wheel loaders remotely lets you maintain loading and material handling speed without sacrificing capacity.

Compaction: You can dramatically improve soil compaction coverage while ensuring consistent results.


Cat Command
Cat® Command

Mining: Whether you implement the remote operator station or the over-the-shoulder remote control console, you'll minimize your crew's exposure to dirt, dust, noise and vibrations.

Hauling: Cat Command allows you to experience a seamless integration of autonomous hauling vehicles and systems, providing efficiency and safety at congested mining sites.

Underground: Use Cat Command to operate load-haul-dump machines in underground mining operations. You can increase machine utilization by minimizing downtime.

Drilling: Improve productivity, enhance safety and lower operating costs by using automation for your high-precision drilling tasks.

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What Are the Benefits of Cat Command?

Utilizing Cat Command technology offers several benefits for your business. Your equipment operators can use their skills more efficiently while limiting fatigue by working in more comfortable and less strenuous environments. You'll also get more consistent and uniform results, improving project outcomes and customer satisfaction levels.

While adding any technology requires an upfront expenditure, Cat Command can provide an excellent long-term return on your investment. You can complete more work in less time, enabling your company to take on more projects and boost revenue. The increased efficiency will reduce your operating costs, contributing to a more robust bottom line.

Remotely controlled autonomous equipment also provides built-in misuse protection, reducing the risk of machine damage due to operator errors.

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