Cat® Assist


Cat® construction equipment has a well-deserved reputation for performing well in challenging job site conditions — and the latest technological innovations from Caterpillar allow these powerful, efficient machines to work more productively than ever.

Cat Assist is an onboard technology that allows novice and more experienced operators to load, dig and grade faster and more accurately.
If you own or want to purchase a Cat machine in Colorado, New Mexico or the El Paso area of West Texas, Wagner Equipment Co. can help you implement this cutting-edge innovation and add significant value to your business.

Use Cat Assist With These Machines

Cat Assist technology is compatible with various types of Cat equipment.

Cat® Assist

Motor Graders

Motor graders are among the most challenging machines for novice operators to master. Cat Assist provides numerous user-friendly features that simplify processes and shorten the learning curve.

Examples include Auto Articulation, which makes steering the machine easier by combining it with articulation in one movement. The Stable Blade delivers faster and more accurate grading results by detecting and correcting excessive blade bouncing, which also limits machine damage. There's also an Advanced Control joystick that allows operators to keep their hands on the controls during all points of operation.


Cat Assist technologies for excavators provide high-precision cuts by automating the boom and bucket functions. Operators can also make faster slope and depth adjustments, saving valuable time and increasing productivity. The in-cab display provides a clear visual presentation of the grading progress for enhanced accuracy.

Cat Lift Assist is a safety feature that allows operators to compare the actual load weight with the machine's rated load capacity. It also provides audible and visual alerts to warn against tipping hazards.


Use Cat Assist for bulldozers to maneuver the machine with less operator effort, minimize track slippage and optimize blade loads.

Cat Steer Assist automates the dozer's steering function, increasing productivity and reducing operator fatigue. The machine maintains a straight travel path on flat ground or side slopes when transporting light or heavy loads.

The Cat Slope Assist system more effectively maintains the dozer blade's cross and mainfall, ensuring better surface quality. Operators can complete dozing tasks faster and more accurately.

Wheel Loaders

Cat Assist technologies for wheel loaders enable a more intuitive connection between the operator and the machine, enhancing speed, flexibility, responsiveness and more precise payloads. They also reduce costs by saving time and conserving fuel.

Add the optional Advanced Cat Payload feature, which is available with the latest Cat medium wheel loaders, to provide real-time onboard weight capabilities to maximize operational efficiency. It continually updates the totals, helping to prevent unnecessary cycles.

Cat assist bulldozer

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