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The Advantages of Cat Technology for Construction

Caterpillar has been at the forefront of heavy equipment innovation since 1925 and continues to set the industry standard. When you step inside a new Cat machine, you'll notice an assortment of digital gauges, controls and screens that provide an expansive window into the equipment's performance and health. Many of these innovations also reduce the burden on the operators, allowing them to work more productively and safely.

While you'll find the latest technologies in brand-new Cat machines, many can be retrofitted on more seasoned models as well. You can upgrade your fleet's performance without having to make a substantial long-term investment.

How Does Technology Make a Difference?

Construction companies face stiff competition and must perform at their best to gain an advantage. Most businesses must also successfully navigate the challenges of keeping equipment in peak condition while minimizing operating costs.

Integrating the latest technologies into your fleet operations adds value to your business in several ways:

  • Increased productivity: Your crews can work faster and more efficiently. You'll complete more projects in less time, allowing you to take on more jobs and boost revenue. You'll also experience less equipment downtime.
  • Enhanced accuracy: The latest tools allow you to improve precision at the job site. Better results with fewer errors save time and labor and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Improved safety: The latest machines include advanced safety features like proximity sensors and collision avoidance systems. You'll experience fewer job site accidents and have more peace of mind. Your crews can also approach the work more confidently and have fewer concerns about injuries.
  • Reliable condition and performance monitoring: Use technology to monitor your fleet's performance and condition remotely. Get real-time information that allows you to make data-driven decisions in crucial areas like maintenance, fuel consumption and operator training.
  • Increased compliance: Many technological innovations focus on making heavy equipment more eco-friendly. Your company will be a better environmental steward and comply with increasingly stringent emissions regulations.
  • Maximum ROI: While these new, cutting-edge technologies come at a cost, they can provide a substantial return on investment. They can increase your machines' life span, lengthening the time between replacements. By improving your maintenance practices, they can help lower your operating costs.
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Count on Us for Reliable Technology Support

Technology continues to drive the wheels of progress in most industries, including heavy equipment manufacturing. As the authorized Cat® equipment dealer for Colorado, New Mexico and the El Paso area of West Texas, Wagner Equipment Co. offers advanced products featuring the latest innovations from Caterpillar. You'll also find an assortment of construction management software and other technology tools from our SITECH Rocky Mountain partner.

At Wagner, we realize that choosing and implementing Cat technology for construction can be challenging. Our in-house product support team is here to assist you every step of the way. We'll provide invaluable guidance on utilizing these technologies to get the most out of your equipment, maximizing productivity, efficiency and safety while lowering operating costs.

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As your exclusive Cat dealer, Wagner is here to help you implement these advanced technology solutions into your day-to-day operations. Since 1976, we've been helping businesses like yours improve performance, reduce operating costs and boost their bottom line.

Are you ready to gain a competitive edge by integrating the latest technologies from Caterpillar into your fleet management practices? Take the next step and contact the experts at Wagner Equipment Co. for more information. Call us at 303-739-3000 or contact us online today.


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