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Wagner Equipment Co. offers complete technology solutions that help maximize your productivity and profitability. We provide a variety of Trimble Navigation and Caterpillar Accugrade guidance systems, both for sale and rent. No matter your industry, be it earthmoving, mining, or precision agricultural, we have your solution at Wagner Equipment.

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  • Construction management software
  • Machine control systems
  • Fleet and asset control management
  • Paving control systems
  • Site positioning systems
  • Online Cat account management
  • Online parts ordering
  • Fluids analysis
  • And so much more


When you step inside the cab of a piece of heavy equipment, you will most likely be greeted by digital gauges, sensitive controls, screens for machine control or grading systems, lasers, and dozens of switches that help you perform your job better. Now with AI being integrated into machine operations, technology is here to stay. There is no denying that technology has made heavy equipment operations more efficient, more economical, and safer — all with the goal of increasing ROI. In short, if you aren’t investing in technology for your construction site or for your other heavy equipment operations, you are missing out on incredible savings. Wagner Equipment Co can help. Talk to one of our specialists at our Colorado, New Mexico, or far west Texas Cat dealers today.

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  • Drones. If you haven’t heard of drones in construction, then you need to pay attention. Drones have the ability to go where it’s too dangerous for humans on construction sites and to be their eye in the sky, helping with inspections, site planning, photos, and so much more.
  • Smart clothing. Beyond hard hats with integrated carbon monoxide detectors, smart clothing is being implemented to alert supervisors if workers wander into prohibited areas or monitor a worker’s vital signs to ward off heat stroke.
  • Virtual and augmented reality. Why let new heavy equipment operators learn on machines that cost tens of thousands of dollars? Instead, business owners are using virtual and augmented reality to train operators in a safe manner for all.
  • Site monitoring. Having the ability to know that your site is safe at all times for workers is priceless. Technology now allows for the environmental conditions on a job site to be monitored, including temperature, the level of noise, chemical use, and even dust in the air.

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  • Cat Connect. Cat Connect offers many ways that make your job site safer, including remote monitoring of your assets and fleet, better compliance with safety regulations, and maintenance reminders.
  • Built-in Operator Monitoring. This built-in system alerts the site supervisor if a driver is showing signs of fatigue, such as nodding off, or signs of distraction by tracking their head and eye movement during operation.
  • Remote-controlled Equipment. Using remote operation of your machine keeps operators safe from hazardous conditions. Choose from line-of-sight for short-term needs or remote location when you have a good high-speed data connection.
  • Worker Detection Systems. These systems allow drivers to know the location of other vehicles and workers using RFID technology. Simply place RFID sensors in each worker’s vest and/or hard hat, as well as vehicles.
  • Fatigue Detection. These wearable Cat Smartbands collect data on a worker’s sleep patterns, circadian rhythms, and more to help predict fatigue, which is a leading cause of accidents on job sites.

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Contractors, miners, landfill operators, and farmers are discovering the competitive advantage that Wagner Technology Solutions provide. We not only represent the best systems available, but we also provide the skilled support staff you need to deploy and maintain the right technology solution for your business. Safety is always the top priority, whether you are building a road, a home, or planting trees. Caterpillar has worked hard and continues to do so to ensure your workers stay safe.

Wagner’s Technology Solutions group also offers remote machine condition monitoring solutions. These systems enable you to know where your assets are, while at the same time giving you insight into your machine’s health and operating conditions.

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