CW14 Pneumatic Roller

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CW14 Pneumatic Roller

The Cat® CW14 is a standard nine wheel pneumatic roller with an option to increase to 11 wheels. It offers an operating weight range of 4885 kg to 17 232 kg (10,273 lb - 38,000 lb) for excellent versatility and performance. Equipped with an efficient Cat C3.4B engine, this machine delivers smooth, reliable performance on grades and soft base materials.
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Long Name:
CW14 Pneumatic Roller


Operating Weight - Max Ballast:
28528.0 lb / 12940.0 kg
Operating Weight - Standard Machine Empty:
10770.0 lb / 4885.0 kg
Operating Weight - Max Water Ballast:
19202.0 lb / 8710.0 kg
Operating Weight - Max Wet Sand Ballast:
28528.0 lb / 12940.0 kg
Average Weight per Wheel:
2116.0 lb / 960.0 kg
Operating Weight without ballast (Heavy Weight option):
10924.0 lb / 4955.0 kg
Operating Weight with maximum ballast (Heavy Weight option):
38000.0 lb / 17273.0 kg
Operating Weight per wheel (Heavy Weight option):
4233.0 lb / 1920.0 kg
Average Weight per Wheel - Max Ballast:
1212.0 lb / 550.0 kg
Average Weight per Wheel - Max Ballast, HW option:
4233.0 lb / 1920.0 kg
Average Weight per Wheel - No Ballast:
1190.0 lb / 540.0 kg
Operating Weight - Max Ballast, HW option:
38000.0 lb / 17273.0 kg
Operating Weight - No Ballast:
10770.0 lb / 4885.0 kg

Operating Specifications

Compaction Width:
68.0 in / 1740.0 mm
Turning Radius - Inside:
15.1 in / 4.68 mm
Rolling Width:
68.0 in / 1740.0 mm
Turning Radius - outside:
21.1 in / 6.45 mm
Ground Clearance:
10.5 in / 267.0 mm
Number of Wheels:
9 or 11
Travel Speed - Maximum:
11.0 mph / 18.0 km/h
Turning Radius - Inside:
15.1 ft / 4.68 m


Gross Power:
100.5 hp / 75.0 kW
3.89 in / 99.0 mm
4.33 in / 110.0 mm
Engine Model:


Overall Length:
14.1 in / 4290.0 mm
Height at Steering Wheel:
91.0 in / 2320.0 mm
Height at ROPS:
9.8 in / 3000.0 mm
Maximum Machine Height:
9.8 in / 3000.0 mm

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity:
45.6 gal / 173.0 L
Water (Spray) Tank Capacity:
104.0 gal / 394.0 L


7.5 x 15


Versatile Compaction Performance

Versatile Compaction Performance due to the flexible ballast system that includes steel, sand, and water, make it easy to adjust operating weights and match job site requirements. Oscillating front and rear wheels seek out soft spots for compaction on uneven surfaces.

Compaction Width

Nine rubber tires provide an overall compaction width of 1740 mm (68") with 13 mm (.5") overlap. The 11-wheel option delivers a compaction width of 2130 mm (84").

Flexible Ballast

Ballast options include 3.82 metric tons (8,432 lb) water ballast, 8.05 metric tons (17,758 lb) sand and water combination, and 12.31 metric tons (27,156 lb) steel, sand and water combination for excellent application versatility. Also, the water-tight chamber is equipped with baffled compartments to prevent surge.

Oscillating Tires

Oscillating front and rear tires deliver vertical and horizontal forces that reduce air voids, providing surface uniformity. Heat retention covers trap heat to keep the tires warm and prevent pick-up. They can be easily stored when not in use.

Exceptional Visibility and Control

Standard fixed seating with optional pivoting operating station that rotates 45º to either side for ultimate comfort and control. The contoured water tank optimizes forward visibility.

Smooth Operating Powertrain

Smooth Operating Powertrain with hydrostatic propel control and smooth braking system. The two-speed propel system the delivers a maximum operating speed of 18 km/hr (11 mph) offers good mobility and gradeability. An optional traction control system delivers performance on soft base materials and grades.

C3.4B Engine

The C3.4B engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage IIIB emission standards and provides 75 kW (100.5 hp).

Simple Service

Simple ground level service with easy-viewing sight gauges, convenient filter access, and color-coded electrical components.

Best Lifetime Value

Best Lifetime Value with efficient engine and durable rubber tires minimize life-time operating costs and maximize profit.