7495 HF Electric Rope Shovel – Hydra Crowd

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7495 HF Electric Rope Shovel – Hydra Crowd

Electric rope shovels have been successfully removing overburden and ore on mine sites around the world for more than a century. Driven by a vision to make these highly productive machines safer, more reliable and even more productive, we challenged the status quo and built an electric rope shovel that's better.
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Long Name:
7495 HF Electric Rope Shovel
7495 HF with HydraCrowd


Dipper Payload:
120 t / 109 t
Dipper Capacity:
30.6-62.7 m3 (40-82 yd3)
Dipper Payload (Available Dipper Payloads Up To 109 Tonnes [120 tons] When Specified):
120 t / 109 t
Dependent on application and material density


Working Weight - With Dipper and Standard Links:
3164000 lb / 1435156 kg
Ballast - Furnished By Customer:
667150 lb / 302614 kg
Note (1):
These weights will vary slightly depending upon dipper and optional equipment selection
Note (2):
All specifications are based on a 45 m3 (59 yd3) dipper and standard 317.5 cm (125 in) crawlers.

Main Structures

Planetary Propel:
Dual-motor independent drive
Two planetary gearboxes, each driven by a vertically mounted motor, are located on either side of the revolving frame. Dual-output pinion shafts from each gearbox engage the swing rack.
Crawler Dimensions - Overall Width 317.5 cm (125 in) Treads:
41.67 in / 12.7 cm
A planetary gearbox with dual-output pinions provides the hoist torque transfer from the electric motor to the hoist drum gear.
Ground Bearing Pressure - Note:
Ground bearing pressure is dependent upon many factors
Upper Works Overall Width - Including Standard Walkways:
41.99 in / 12.8 cm
Ground Bearing Pressure - Total Effective Bearing Area (317.5 cm/125 in) Treads:
57 m2 (248 kPa); 614 ft2 (36 psi)

Lube System

Automatic, single-line system for open gear lubricant and grease
Components (1):
Six pumps (four for open gear lubricant and two for grease) located in an insulated, heated, double-walled lube room


IGBT Acutrol drive system
System Voltage - Nominal:
50/60 Hz, 7,200V
Power Requirements - Voltage:
3 phase, 50/60 Hz, 7,200V
Other voltage options available to suit customer requirements
Power Requirements - 50 Hz:
6,000V, 6,600V, 7,200V, 11,000V
Power Requirements - 60 Hz:
7,200V, 13,800V
Power Requirements - Peak power:
3778 kW
Power Requirements - Average Power Demand:
945-1322 kW

Front End

Rope Data - Note:
High impact ropes available as an option
Rope Data - Hoist - No.:
Rope Data - Hoist - Diameter:
2.75 in / 70 mm
Rope Data - Dipper Trip - No.:
Rope Data - Boom Suspension - Diameter:
3.25 in / 83 mm
One piece, forged, seamless tubular dipper handle and wide-spread boom point sheaves equipped with hoist ropes and dipper padlocks to stabilize dipper handle.
Rope Data - Dipper Trip - Diameter:
0.75 in / 19 mm
Rope Data - Boom Suspension - No.:
Crowd (1):
HydraCrowd, hydraulic power skid, located at the front center of the revolving frame deck, powers a large hydraulic cylinder to move the dipper handle fore and aft.
Crowd (2):
(Optional) Rope Crowd, the crowd machinery is located at the front center of the revolving frame, consisting of motor, brake, drum and gearing. Plastic-impregnated crowd and retract ropes are used to move the dipper handle fore and aft.

Dimensions - Working Ranges

Operating Weight:
3164000 lb / 1435156 kg
Dipper Payload:
120 ton (US) / 109 t
Maximum Dumping Height:
29.53 ft / 9 m
Dipper Capacities:
30.6-62.7 m3 (40-82 yd3)

Dimensions (Approximate) - Optimal Working Ranges*

Radius of Level Floor:
55.77 ft / 17 m
Cutting Height - Maximum:
55 ft / 16.8 m
Dumping Height - With Clearance to Open Dipper Door:
29.53 ft / 9 m
Revolving Frame Tail Swing Radius:
30.51 ft / 9.3 m
Cutting Radius - Maximum:
79.72 ft / 24.3 m
Note (1):
Optimal working ranges based on loading a Cat 797F truck.
Note (2):
*All specifications are based on a 45 m3 (59 yd3) dipper and standard 317.5 cm (125 in) crawlers.

Lube System

Components (2):
External fast fill from lower level