Cat® power systems deliver a dependable energy source for heavy equipment and machinery in high-demanding industrial applications. Cat diesel engines work well for industrial use because they offer exceptional power output, high fuel efficiency and the ability to operate for extended periods without overheating. Their superior reliability helps industrial operations run smoothly without interruptions, enhancing productivity while minimizing downtime.

Wagner Equipment proudly serves the Colorado, New Mexico and far West Texas regions as the exclusive dealer of Cat heavy equipment and industrial power systems. Since 1976, our experienced staff has helped customers select the most practical and effective power solutions for their operational requirements.


Cat Industrial Diesel Engines and Power Units

Wagner Equipment offers an extensive selection of new, used and rental power systems for industrial applications, including diesel engines and power units. These solutions meet industrial emissions standards while delivering the efficiency and superior performance you expect from Caterpillar. Learn more about each category:

  • Industrial diesel engines: Cat industrial diesel engines with Tier 4 technology are the core component that generates power by burning diesel fuel. These engines deliver high torque and horsepower to efficiently operate heavy equipment and machinery.
  • Diesel power units: Cat diesel power units are integrated systems that include the engine and other essential components like control panels, cooling systems and fuel tanks. They provide a compact, convenient solution for generating power on-site, ensuring continuous operation of equipment, machinery and electrical systems.

Industrial Applications

Whether providing primary or backup power, Cat industrial diesel power units and engines can adapt to diverse demands and environments. A wide range of available power outputs and configurations allows these solutions to meet the needs of various industries, including:





Material Handling

And More!


Caterpillar has always been on the leading edge of technology. Their diesel engines have undergone hundreds of modifications over the decades to become the reliable, lowest-cost-per-hour powerhouses that they are today. Caterpillar has embraced the idea of continually evolving with the times, and using their engineering expertise and innovation to relentlessly push toward ever-higher performance goals.

Cat diesel engines range in power output, from 11 bhp to 6598 bhp. Cat engines are great for many applications, from marine diesel engines to generator sets and auxiliary engines. They fuel our new, used, and rental heavy equipment found in Cat machines that help in drilling, ore refineries, coal mining, construction trades, forestry, agriculture, and so many more. With performance and safety at the forefront, Cat industrial diesel engines are poised to remain at the top of their class. Beyond diesel engines, Cat industrial-duty natural gas engines are available for those applications that use natural gas as a fuel source. Contact a Wagner location to learn more today!


If you think about the last time you lost power, you probably felt a bit helpless - and maybe a bit bored. After all, almost everything you own runs on electrical power, from your TV, computer, and phone to your refrigerator, lights, hot water heater, and so much more. Wagner Equipment Co.'s Power Systems division offers products to provide backup power (and, in the case of remote location operations, primary power) in order to keep our vital systems up and running. These units help to deliver low operating costs and high reliability to a variety of businesses and industries, including the oil & gas industry, hospitals, data centers, factories, quarry equipment, and even carnival rides moving.

We offer new or used power systems, for purchase or for rent. With our mission to keep you moving, power systems are crucial. Wagner Power Systems offers you the best in power systems and engines, whether they use diesel, natural gas, or dual-fuel. Reach out to a Colorado, New Mexico, or far west Texas Wagner location today.



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The Benefits of Choosing Wagner Equipment for Cat Industrial Diesel Engines

At Wagner Equipment, we work closely with customers to ensure the power systems they receive meet their needs, including power output, capacity and emissions. We provide the individualized attention each customer deserves, regardless of the size or scope of their power requirements.

Choosing Wagner Equipment means you’ll enjoy benefits like:

  • Technical expertise: Our sales staff is highly familiar with all our products and their performance in the field. We have decades of experience helping customers choose optimized solutions for their unique industrial needs.
  • Service and parts: Wagner Equipment’s factory-trained technicians can handle all your repair and maintenance requirements, from basic equipment repairs to engine overhauls. As part of the Cat network, we have access to all the replacement parts you need to keep your equipment running smoothly.
  • Flexible financing: Through our collaboration with Cat Financial Services, Wagner Equipment offers flexible financing options for new and used equipment. Our finance department can customize arrangements tailored to your needs with competitive interest rates.

Learn More About Cat Industrial Engines With Wagner Equipment

Take the next step in improving your operation’s productivity and efficiency by investing in a Cat industrial power system. If you’re unsure which solution is ideal for your industrial application, the knowledgeable staff at Wagner Equipment can help. Contact us online, stop by your local dealer or call 720-782-0898 to learn more.


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