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In this day and age, many people are DIY’ers. They love to perform their own work, be it home improvements or fixing their own Caterpillar heavy equipment. Cat® is proud to announce our new program called Cat Self-Service Options (SSO). Now, we’ve bundled everything you will need to perform the work you need in easy packages. You can pick what you need and schedule delivery or pickup — all from the convenience of your home.

Wagner Equipment Co is an authorized Caterpillar dealer for Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas. From skid steers and front end loaders to tractors, asphalt pavers, compactors, draglines, and more, we’ve got your heavy equipment needs covered. With our exceptional Cat tools, you can add functionality to your existing machines easily. We are excited to be bringing these Cat repair and parts options to our customers. Reach out to a team member to learn more today!

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Self-Service Options (SSO) Include:

Everything you need to perform your Cat service

Required Genuine Cat parts

Tools for the job (offered as an add-on)

Service instructions

Optional add-on Cat replacement parts

Technical support

Why Choose SSO?

Time is critical as a business owner, and if your machines go down, so do your profit margins. While every piece of heavy equipment will most likely experience a breakdown — even with the best of maintenance programs — what truly matters is the response time so you can minimize the downtime on your job site.

Wagner Equipment Co is proud to offer Caterpillar’s new SSO option so that you can repair your Cat machinery right away. We’ve made it as easy to find everything you need for a particular piece of heavy equipment and a particular Cat part you need to replace.  If you need a quick fix with self-service repair and maintenance parts, try our new SSO program today!

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How Our SSO Program Works



Our SSO Program is simple to use.

We’ve created new pages that are dedicated to each model and part of your Cat machinery. This helps to avoid confusion and avoid ordering the wrong Cat parts, plus streamlines the selection and ordering process, so you spend only minutes ordering what you need.

Each page will have the self-service options, preventative maintenance, category search, and top-selling parts right at your fingertips.



To get started, all you need is the model number of your equipment. You’ll add this into the search bar. Having your serial number allows you to save your equipment for future use, so when you return, you won’t have to remember it, and it will automatically populate your Cat parts options.

You will then shop the Cat parts you are seeking that will fit only that Cat model. Once you select an option, you’ll get the full details of that package. You’ll find the skill level, average repair time, and specific repair details. You’ll be able to preview the service instructions, which will become available as an easy-to-read downloadable PDF file upon purchase.



All relevant parts will show up to complete your repair. Here, you can add extra Caterpillar parts as needed. Related Cat parts will also display, which gives you the opportunity to purchase and replace at the same time. Recommended tools are shown that you can purchase if so desired.

Once your order is complete, your service instructions become available and live in your order history so you can refer to them any time you wish. Your SSO package will be shipped to your requested address promptly, so you can be back on the move.

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Choose Wagner Equipment Co. Today

Wagner Equipment Co offers Caterpillar new, used, and rental heavy equipment for your use, including for agriculture, mining, construction, demolition, landscaping, road repair, logging, and so much more. With this new Cat parts option, we’ve made it super simple for our customers to find the Cat parts they need quickly and easily. This will also help eliminate the instances of ordering the wrong Cat part accidentally, which saves everyone time, effort, and money.

Wagner offers the best Cat parts, service, and, of course, heavy equipment. We offer power systems to help you when you are in remote locations, as well as provide a source of backup power. We invest heavily in technology so that our machines last long, are durable, and so that you can save money in many ways, from parts and service to fuel efficiency. We offer Caterpillar machines for all industries, and we can’t wait to serve you. Since 1976, our team has been committed to providing you with the best possible customer service experience. If you are in need of any of our offerings or services in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas, reach out to Wagner today!

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