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When hydraulic hoses break or get holes in them, they reduce your machinery's performance and cause wear on your components. They may even cause parts of your equipment to stop working. In these cases, your equipment needs repairs or rebuilding to function.

At Wagner Equipment, we have a team of expert technicians who provide mobile hydraulic services or in-shop hose repairs in our service bays across Colorado, New Mexico and far west Texas. These factory-trained technicians can diagnose the cause of the issues and provide professional services to restore the function of your machinery. Visit your nearest Wagner location today!


Signs Your Hydraulic Hoses and Systems May Need A Rebuild

Hoses are leaking fluid.

Oil is not flowing properly.

The hydraulic pressure is off.

You notice visible damage to your hydraulic cylinders or hoses.

Hydraulic cylinders are out of place.

Machines have noisy operations.

The hydraulics are “catching," or are not smooth.

There is a buildup of heat.

You see rust buildup.

When to Seek Hydraulic Hose Rebuilds

If you can’t remember when the last time your hydraulic hoses were replaced or rebuilt, consider scheduling a service with us. Most rubber hydraulic hoses should last about 10 years. Factors like temperature, sunlight and the elements can reduce this period by causing additional wear. Keep track of hydraulic hose rebuilds so you know when to schedule service.

Spots under your heavy machinery may result from condensation or moisture. They can also be the sign of a more significant issue like hydraulic fluid leaking from your hoses. Investigate potential leaks to prevent reduced performance or broken hydraulic systems. Stay on top of kinks or cracks, too. Over time, these issues result in a leak if not fixed. These hose issues significantly reduce hydraulic system lifespans.

Rust is another sign that you should seek rebuilds. Though the rubber outside won't rust, your hydraulic system should be investigated further to determine any cause.

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Hydraulic hoses move the hydraulic fluid to different parts and areas of your machine. They can be made of different types of materials to serve different applications, such as high or low pressure. While braided textile coverings reinforce the hose, they do still break due to wear and tear, requiring a hydraulic hose rebuild service.

Wagner Equipment Co. offers the best hydraulic hose rebuilding services. Our service technicians are top-notch, and they can get your hydraulic system back up and running perfectly again. After all, you most definitely do not want to be on a job site and have your hydraulics give out. You will lose much more time and money than if you had your hydraulic hoses rebuilt at the first sign of trouble.

Wagner Equipment Co. is a Cat® dealer with offices in Colorado, New Mexico and far west Texas. We are proud to bring you new and used Cat heavy equipment as well as heavy equipment rentals that can help you serve your customers. Contact a Cat dealer near you today!

Types of Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic hoses vary based on the type of fluid that passes through them, their size, durability and operating conditions on the job site. When you seek repairs, our experts can find the necessary hose for your machine and its operating conditions. Here are the most common hose types.

  • SAE Standard Hose: If you are looking for an everyday, run-of-the-mill hydraulic hose, this standard hose will suffice. This hose complies with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standards, and it is designed to be used with petroleum or water-based fluids. It is great for most general industrial applications. This hydraulic hose is usually single steel wire-braided and holds up to a wide range of temperatures.
  • Standard High-Pressure Hose: These hydraulic hoses are very similar to the standard hydraulic hose, except that they are made to withstand higher pressures, such as pressured water and other fluids. These flexible high-pressure hydraulic hoses are used in the oil and gas industry, in mining, and in construction and agriculture.
  • Low-Pressure Hose: Low-pressure hydraulic hoses typically convey hydraulic fluids that aren’t going to move a heavy load and thus don’t need as much power. These hydraulic hoses are usually textile-braided, and you’ll find them in air or lube lines. However, they won’t be used in safety-related jobs.
  • Steel Wire-Braided Hose: Similar to the standard high-pressure hose, these steel wire-braided hoses are made to withstand extremely high pressurized fluids and temperatures. They are used in the oil industry, mining and other industrial applications.
  • Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hose: These hydraulic hoses are great for many applications. They are useful for low outside temperatures, resist abrasion and are made from an inner and outer layer of thermoplastic materials with a reinforced fiber inside. You’ll find these popular in construction and heavy-lifting operations.

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Quality Services From Expert Technicians

When you notice issues with your hydraulic hoses, reach out to Wagner Equipment Co. Our field technicians offer speedy services when you need to keep jobs moving. We also have service bays throughout our service area for more extensive hydraulic hose services. Technicians receive factory training and have extensive experience with various hydraulic assemblies. They meet all your service requirements.

We're a trusted source for various equipment services with experience in the heavy equipment industry since 1976. We also have an extensive parts inventory, so we have the hoses and couplings to perform your hydraulic repairs.

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