Cat® Certified Rebuilds

Rebuilding Major Components…or an Entire Machine

Certified Rebuild Options

We want to help your business cut costs, which is why we offer you the option to rebuild your components or machines instead of replacing them with new ones. Rebuilding extends the longevity of your machine while reducing the costs to do so and takes advantage of the "second life" that is built into each Cat product.

Rebuilding instead of replacing reduces your carbon footprint. Whether you are rebuilding your hydraulics, your engine or your entire Cat machine, you are helping to save on source materials and more. Contact your nearest Wagner Equipment Co. location to find out your options and to learn more today!

From single component to complete machine options, we've got you covered.

Complete Machine Rebuilds

Our complete machine rebuilds restore every part of your equipment to like-new condition according to the high standards set by Caterpillar. After the Cat equipment rebuild, your machine gets a new identification number. Complete rebuilds also include a new warranty with coverage lasting one to three years. You get the peace of mind of a new machine while keeping your old equipment.

Power Train Rebuilds
Commercial Engine Rebuilds
Hydraulic Rebuilds
Component Rebuilds

The Types of Machines We Rebuild

The Cat Certified Rebuild Program covers various types of Cat machinery. Here are a few eligible machine types:

  • Articulated trucks
  • Engines
  • Motor graders
  • Track-type loaders
  • Dozers
  • Wheel loaders
  • Pipelayers

We offer rebuilds for various models within each machine category. Our technicians can discuss your equipment to determine whether we provide rebuilds for the machines in your fleet.

Benefits of Rebuilding Major Components

Cat equipment is made to last several lifetimes. Rebuilding lets you capture the full value of your machine investment and seize various benefits.

  • Save Money: Perhaps the number one reason to invest in rebuilt Cat components is the money you will save. When your Cat machine has worked long enough, the major components will begin to wear out. You will be saving a lot of money rebuilding them versus buying new. Our expert service technicians can put your engine, transmission, final drive or other major components back into like-new condition, extending your machine's useful life. Call one of Wagner’s locations to learn more today.
  • Get New Updates and Technology: When you choose Wagner Equipment Co. to rebuild the major components on your machine, you can be assured that we will include any Cat factory updates that may have been made since those components were first put into service. These updates help ensure and improve future performance and reliability. Rebuilds also enhance your machine's appearance. During the rebuild process, we repaint, apply new decals and make other improvements to the exterior.
  • Get Financing: Cat financing can help you with the cost of a component rebuild. With low monthly payments and interest rates, this can help you make the repairs and upgrades your machine needs. Call a Wagner Equipment Co. location near you to learn more today!
  • Improve Resale Value: A machine rebuild restores your equipment to like-new condition, meaning you can get a better return on your investment if you decide to sell. Cat Certified Rebuilds meet high standards recognized by equipment owners everywhere.
  • Keep Using Your Machine: You may have owned and operated your Cat machine for years. You're comfortable with its controls and how it runs — with a Cat machine rebuild, you can keep the model you're familiar with.
  • Address Several Repairs Together: As the machine ages, several repair issues arise over time. A complete rebuild allows you to address all these issues in one service. Instead of getting repairs for each separate component, you can get everything fixed simultaneously.

Cat Certified Machine Rebuild: A Second Life for Your Machine

Cat machines are built to be rebuilt. After thousands of hours of service, your machine may be showing its wear, but it has a lot of life left to give. The Certified Rebuild process takes advantage of the durability and quality that was designed and engineered by Caterpillar into that machine. You'll get like-new performance and service life at a fraction of the cost of new. Here's what's included:

  • Inspection and Evaluation: Your Cat machine will be thoroughly evaluated before we begin your Certified Rebuild project. The program includes over 350 tests, and our Certified Power Train Rebuild program (an alternative to a complete machine Certified Rebuild, focused only on the engine, transmission, final drives and related gear) includes about 200 tests.
  • Disassembly: Your entire Cat machine (or power train) will be disassembled. Over 7,000 parts in machines and over 3,000 in power trains will be replaced. From hoses and belts to seals and gaskets, you can be confident that your rebuilt machine or power train will be getting only the genuine Cat parts you can rely on.
  • Reconditioning: Your Cat machine’s major components — engine, drive train, hydraulics, control systems, undercarriage and more — will be overhauled as they are returned to their original performance levels. Electronic control modules will be replaced, along with software. Frames and structural components are checked for damage and fixed, and shaft bearings are replaced — all using genuine Cat parts.
  • Engineering Updates: Any updates your Cat machine has missed will be implemented. Upgrading optional features and technologies to current standards is another choice to consider — it's an affordable way to enhance your machine even further while it's already in the shop for a rebuild.
  • Reassembly: We will then put all of the component parts back together. Engine wiring harnesses and other wiring will be replaced, as well as pressure settings checked. Your rebuilt machine is painted and new decals applied. The operator's station is refurbished. The result is a machine that looks and works like new.
  • Performance Testing: Now for the fun part! We’ll field test your Cat machine, as well as perform turbocharger boosts, throttle response, hydraulic pressure and steering clutch response tests to ensure your Cat machine is ready for action. Call Wagner Equipment Co. today.

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Choose Wagner Component Rebuilding and Cat Certified Total Machine Rebuilds

Wagner Equipment Co. is passionate about helping you obtain — and maintain — the heavy equipment you need to get the job done.

That's why we offer all types of heavy equipment, from new, used and rental, for all types of applications and industries, such as construction, demolition, mining, forestry, agriculture and more. We offer programs such as our Certified Rebuilds detailed above to help you get the most from your Cat machine investment, and generous financing options so that you can have the equipment you need to start working today.

Our Cat-certified technicians keep your equipment working, including field service technicians who can meet you where you are to help you get your misbehaving heavy machinery moving again. Our Wagner locations in Colorado, New Mexico and far west Texas have large inventories of the spare parts you need when you need them. Our investments in technology allow us to perform fluids analysis on your Cat machine and offer you machine and grade control systems. Contact us today.

Wagner Equipment Co. offers everything you need to care for your heavy equipment and ensure it is working at its best for you, propelling your business forward and making this world a better place. By using one of our Cat Rebuild programs, you can affordably breathe new life into old equipment and effectively breathe new life into your business as well. Call your nearest Wagner location to get started with rebuilding your Cat machine or its major components today!

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