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Remanufacturing is the process of returning a Cat product at the end of its life to the same as “new” condition in a manufacturing environment. It operates as a one-for-one exchange, in which end-of-life Cat equipment and products are returned for a remanufactured product – reducing waste and minimizing the need for raw materials to produce a brand-new item. With a sustainable business model and a high-quality, lower cost product support option, Cat Reman is good for business, good for customers, and good for the environment. Learn more about Cat remanufacturing opportunities in Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas below, and contact a local Caterpillar dealer near you today!

Cat Remanufacturing Parts Offers:

  • Off-the-shelf Cat parts availability
  • Same-as-new warranty and quality on Caterpillar reman parts
  • Costs a fraction of the price of a new Cat part
  • Lower owning and operating costs
  • Worldwide availability of Cat Reman parts


  • Eco-friendly. Remanufactured, or reman, parts are inherently environmentally-friendly. The process entails the disassembly, cleaning, and repairing of used Cat parts in order to restore them to like-new. You use most of the same Cat parts with perhaps a few replacement components being needed, and you use less energy in the process since you are not sourcing new Cat parts. This also keeps old parts out of area landfills, saving valuable space. You’ll have less greenhouse emissions and pollutants from cutting the manufacturing process significantly.
  • Saves you money. Almost always, anytime you take something and rebuild it using existing parts you’ll save money. You save money on the raw materials that would otherwise be needed to construct these parts. You save money by not having parts hauled away and thrown in landfills. You save money in the fact that Cat reman parts take less time to “make” than new parts.
  • Saves you time. Remaking a Cat part takes considerably less time than building one from scratch. Depending on how much repairing your Cat part needs, you could have it back that very same day, minimizing downtime on your job site.
  • High-quality craftsmanship. Reman Cat parts are of the highest-quality, made to do the job they were doing before at the highest caliber. 

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  • Customers. Customers are able to maximize their work’s productivity with Cat reman parts. With less downtime and lower costs, you are able to do the same work faster and better. Perhaps you can afford to hire more workers, buy a new Caterpillar heavy equipment piece, or innovate a new process.
  • Businesses. Everything you do, from taking a nap to handling customer complaints, has an opportunity cost. Simply put, opportunity cost is the loss of the gain you could have gotten from performing another task rather than choosing a different one. This means that when you use Cat reman parts, you are saving time and money that could be put into building your business, whether that’s innovating new products and services or just taking the time to set up a customer rewards program. Businesses grow when you invest in Cat reman parts.
  • Animals. By investing in Cat reman parts in essence, you are recycling. You are taking old raw materials and making them new. This helps preserve animal habitats, such as forests and waterways where they live and depend on, as well as farmland that preserves humans. When you save nonrenewable resources, you preserve them for future generations of all living things, which is a good thing, indeed.

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Cat remanufactured parts allows us to take Cat parts that are near the end of their shelf life and make them usable again for our customers, giving them another full service life out of these Cat parts. Caterpillar reman parts offer strict quality standards, like-new performance, and a long life. Plus, these Cat parts come with our Cat parts warranty, so your needs are covered. All together, Cat Reman products can reduce cost and improve profits!

Wagner Equipment Co views our Caterpillar Reman parts as an important component of our Cat parts store. Our mission is to help you succeed no matter if you’re adding in a back patio or you’re adding in a new road to your town. We not only provide the heavy equipment you need, but with our top-notch field service technicians, our Cat parts store, including Caterpillar remanufactured parts, and our customer service, we aim to help you throughout the lifetime of your Cat machine. When you succeed, we succeed. Our Caterpillar dealers are located throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas, ready to serve you.

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