Equipment Management (EM) Solutions are built to help you better manage your assets and lower your operating costs. Working with your Wagner One Professional Team, you can monitor the location, the fuel burn, and the utilization of your heavy equipment, as well as any health and maintenance issues. Staying informed on the status of your heavy machinery and other assets will increase your operational efficiency by significant margins.

Wagner Equipment Co. offers dozens of new, used, and rental heavy equipment models to meet your needs, serving many industries, including construction, forestry, mining, agriculture, road building, and so much more. Since 1976, we’ve been abiding by our Values in Action of teamwork, excellence, accountability, safety, integrity, and communication in order to better serve you, our customers. We have Wagner locations throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas to better serve you. Stop by or reach out to learn more today.



Increase productivity

Reduce operating costs

Stay on top of your heavy equipment repairs and maintenance

Customized solutions for your needs

And more!


Our EM Solutions program combines technology and services to boost your job site efficiency. Connecting solutions makes smart use of technology to monitor, control, and manage your Cat equipment. Using the information gathered from technology-equipped machines, Wagner can help you find new ways to enhance production, reduce costs, improve safety, and build the most sustainable, successful business possible — thereby producing the greatest impact on your corner of the world.

As a business owner, it’s worth investigating all available tools to see which ones are right for you. Some may work for your operation; others probably won’t. Our highly-trained representatives can help. We listen attentively to each of our customers and their needs. We present the offerings and our recommendations. You can then decide for yourself which tools to utilize. Our job is to guide you in this decision by explaining to you the benefits and limitations of each option, as they relate to your particular situation. Partner with our team today.


Our EM Solutions offering is just one of the many technologies we offer our customers here at Wagner Equipment Co. to help you get the most out of your heavy machinery. All businesses are constricted by capital. Monitoring how you use your capital is crucial to success. As a business who uses heavy equipment in your operations, you need to maximize every piece of your equipment to increase your value and your bottom line.

With regular maintenance and machine monitoring, you'll see improvements in fuel efficiency and uptime, and a reduction in overall operating costs. You will also extend the use of your new or used heavy equipment. We’re here to support you in your equipment management so you can meet your business goals and thereby not only be more successful, but also help make your community a better place as well. At any of our Colorado, New Mexico, or far west Texas locations, you’ll be able to get the support you need. Contact us today.


When you are “in the know,” things just flow. Your heavy equipment operates smoothly, and everything meshes. Our EM Solutions program helps you to:

  • Know where your heavy machines are at all times with online access.
  • Have accurate reports of fuel usage, idle time, and other indicators to monitor your fleet. This otherwise cumbersome task is done all by our EM systems.
  • Have a dedicated equipment monitoring advisor to help you with new or used heavy equipment maintenance decisions.
  • Have convenient Caterpillar services that meets your needs and schedule.
  • Be proactive with heavy equipment maintenance and repair.


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Many business owners mistakenly believe that these types of equipment solutions are only for large businesses. In truth, they are useful for businesses of all sizes that use Cat equipment in their operations. Here at Wagner Equipment Co., we work with customers of all sizes, and tailor all of our technology solutions to fit. Our EM Solutions also work with both Cat and other brand-name machines. In sum, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to optimize your heavy equipment, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

The three levels of service that Wagner offers ensure you get the support you want, whether you prefer to do your own maintenance or have us handle the details while you focus on the work. Wagner is about helping you where you need it the most. We want you to not only gain value, but also be happy with that value gained. We do our best to offer a variety of technological solutions to meet both of those goals.

If you want to learn more, contact any of our locations in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas today.


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