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Condition Monitoring (CM) is an effective way to “listen” more closely to what your Caterpillar equipment can tell you about its own condition. It provides valuable information about what’s happening inside your equipment, which, in turn, helps you set up highly effective, comprehensive health plans for all your Cat equipment assets.

Wagner Equipment Co is a Caterpillar dealer with locations in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas. We offer new, used, and rental heavy equipment for your personal and business needs, whether you need to pave your driveway or pave a municipal road. Our team is ready to answer all of your questions and get you started. Reach out today!


  • SOS Fluid Analysis
  • Inspections
  • Electronic Equipment Information
  • Equipment History
  • Customer Support Agreements
  • Site Conditions


Using a combination of CM “elements” — including electronic data, inspections, fluid analysis, equipment history and site condition analysis — CM helps you accurately track the health and operating condition of your equipment. Combining as many CM elements as possible helps give you a much more accurate assessment and deeper understanding of your equipment’s condition, giving you the information you need to stay on top of Caterpillar maintenance and alerting you to the need for new parts. If you have questions, call one of our Caterpillar dealers today!

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As a business owner, expenses are everything. When you can successfully lower expenses and at the same time increase income, you have a formula for success. Condition Monitoring can save your business big time in expenses. It extends the life of your components, systems, and engines by alerting you when it’s time for maintenance before any damage is incurred. It increases efficiency in your machines, having them run at top performance, which saves you fuel costs. It helps you to know and plan for heavy equipment replacement costs. Since these are such big parts of your operating budget, this knowledge is super helpful to have. Plus, you can plan maintenance downtime and work safer. Let Wagner Equipment Co help you with your heavy equipment needs. Contact a Caterpillar dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas to get started today!

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Wagner Equipment Co loves helping our customers save time, effort, and money with our services. When we pay attention to what our new, used, and rental heavy equipment is trying to tell us, we are able to save a lot of headaches, hassle, and trouble. Our mission is to be your comprehensive heavy equipment dealer from the moment you inquire about a piece of machinery till you retire it. We offer Cat parts, service, and technology in order to keep your equipment in tip-top shape.

Wagner’s capabilities and offerings are vast. We specialize in helping many industries with the tools they need to do their job better. This includes oil and gas, agriculture, mining, forestry, construction, and so many more. Condition Monitoring is just one tool that we use. Through our partner, SITECH Rocky Mountain, we also offer site positioning systems, construction management software, and machine monitoring. Our technological solutions can help you in many ways.

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Contact your Product Support Representative for more information and how Condition Monitoring can help your business in Colorado, New Mexico, or far west Texas. Wagner is proud to be the top Cat equipment dealer in the region. Put our customer service to the test!

Wagner Equipment Co. includes Condition Monitoring with all new Cat machines factory equipped with Product Link PL321 or higher for three years or 5000 hours. Click here for details.

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