CB16 Tandem Vibratory Roller


The CB16 asphalt compactor offers enhancements that simplify operation, provide versatility, and deliver excellent fuel economy. Rotary dials, oscillatory vibration, and 360 degreeseating make this compactor a perfect match for urban streets, rural roads, highways, interstates and other high-production applications.

Gross Power

142 HP / 106 kW

Simple to Operate, Easy to Learn

  • Innovative hand-wheel steering technology delivers precise control and good forward visibility
  • Easily activate the vibratory system, water spray system, and drum offset with the multi-function propel handle
  • Machine functions with LED indicators have been independently grouped for simplified control and quick activation
  • Dual side access on ROPS/Canopy machines provide operators with flexibility to mount and dismount the machine (U.S. and Canada only)

Better Fuel Economy

  • Get up to 10% better fuel economy with the Cat C4.4 engine and standard Eco-mode
  • The C4.4 engine provides 106 kW (142 hp) of power and meets regional emissions requirements
  • Unique Eco-mode design modifies engine speed based on load requirements; high amplitude vibration utilizes higher engine speed, while static rolling conserves fuel and operates at low engine speed with even lower sound levels

Easy Vibratory System Set-up

  • Five amplitude system utilizes a single frequency with five distinct amplitudes that provide excellent performance on thick lifts and rigid mix designs
  • Versa Vibe™ vibratory system creates a 2-in-1 machine with four amplitudes and two frequencies; two settings for lighter hitting and higher working speeds on thin lifts; and two settings for heavier hitting and slower speeds on thick lifts and challenging mix designs
  • 2-amplitude/2-frequency vibratory system automatically optimizes amplitude and frequency with a single switch for simple thin/thick lift operation
  • Reach compaction goals with automatic speed control; green indicators help ensure travel speed matches correct impact spacing

Compaction Options Include Oscillation

  • Oscillatory vibration on the rear drum combined with standard vertical vibration front drum delivers both performance and versatility
  • Oscillation system utilizes proven pod-style eccentric weight technology developed by Caterpillar
  • 2 year/2000 hour service interval helps maximize uptime and limit maintenance costs.
  • Durable power-transmission belt delivers 2-times the load capacity of timing belt systems leading to extended life
  • Standard drum shells offer exceptional long-term life on a variety of mix designs and delivers outstanding mat texture, density, and smoothness.

Ensure Mat Coverage with Compaction Control

  • Pass-count and Temperature Mapping combines infrared temperature sensors with GPS mapping to keep the operator informed of current asphalt temperatures, machine position, pass-count, and layer coverage
  • Compaction Meter Value (CMV) utilizes a drum-mounted accelerometer to measure the combined stiffness of the asphalt layer, base layer, and sub-base layer to indicate road structure quality beneath the surface
  • Machine to Machine communication helps keep rolling patterns in sync by sharing mapped data such as CMV, temperature mapping, and pass count coverage between multiple machines

Prevent Build-Up, Keep the Drum Surfaces Wet

  • High capacity water tank provides long duration between fills
  • Dual water pumps provide back-up capability and alternate with direction of travel to maximize service life
  • Triple filtration prevents clogs with filters located at the fill point, water pumps, and spray nozzles
  • Integrated freeze protection kit (optional) provides protection in cold temperatures when machine is not in use

Boost Performance with Enhanced Visibility

  • Optimize sight lines with 360  seating option; always face the direction of travel
  • LED Lighting delivers excellent job site illumination while conserving energy
  • Night-lighting option provides additional illumination to the ROPS/Cab, drum edges, and drum surfaces

Product Link™

  • Make timely, fact-based decisions to maximize efficiency, improveproductivity, and lower owning and operating costs
  • Easily track location, machine hours, fuel usage, and idle time
  • Diagnostic codes are made available through online web applications
  • Remote flash works around your schedule to ensure your machine’s software is up to date for optimal performance

  • Standard Equipment
  • Optional Equipment
  • Specs
  • Docs

Standard Equipment

  • Operating Environment
    • 180 degree seat positioning with sliding station
    • Adjustable armrests
    • Platform ROPS/FOPS
    • Propel lever with 4-button control
    • Steering wheel - fixed position, left side
    • Suspension seat - no heat
    • 76 mm (3 in) high visibility seatbelt
    • Vandalism protection
  • Technology
    • Product Link™ PLE743
    • Remote Flash
    • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Powertrain
    • Cat C4.4, 4-cylinder
  • Electrical System
    • 150 amp alternator
    • 12-volt charging system
    • Automotive-type fuse system
    • Maintenance-free batteries
    • Cat Electronic Technician (Cat ET)
    • Remote start/charge receptacle
  • Service and Maintenance
    • Maintenance-free Hitch
    • 3 yr/3000 hr conventional vibratory system service interval
    • 2 yr/2000 hr oscillatory vibration system service interval
    • Grouped filters with ground level access
    • Remote access drains
    • Sampling ports for Scheduled Oil Sampling
    • Site gauges
  • Safety
    • Backup Alarm
    • Warning horn (front & rear)
    • LED Working Lights
    • Steps, front drum fuel refill
    • Warning, LED safety beacons

Optional Equipment

  • Operating Environment
    • 360 degree seat positioning with sliding station
    • Steering wheel - elevated position, left side
    • Suspension seat w/ heat
    • Seat headrest
  • Technology
    • Infrared asphalt temperature sensors
    • CMV accelerometer - front drum
    • GNSS Mapping - temperature and passcount
    • Machine to machine communication
    • Product Link PLE783
  • Powertrain
    • Offset hitch
  • Vibratory System
    • Biodegradeable hydraulic oil
    • Five amplitude vibratory system
    • Two amplitude/two frequency vibratory system
    • Versa Vibe™ vibratory system
    • Two amplitude/two frequency w/Oscillation vibratory system
    • Versa Vibe w/Oscillation vibratory system
    • Cocoa mats
    • Mats - water distribution
    • Freeze protection - water spray system
    • Rear drum oscillation kit - field installed drum
  • Safety
    • LED Working Lights with turn signals
    • LED Roading Lights
    • Mirror package
    • Steps, rear drum water spray refill



Long Name:
CB16 Tandem Vibratory Roller


Standard - Operating Weight
31941 lb / 14488 kg
Maximum Operating Weight
34255 lb / 15538 kg

Operating Specifications

Standard Compaction Width
84 in / 2130 mm
Drum Offset
6 in / 170 mm
Curb Clearance
28 in / 723 mm
Ground Clearance
11.5 in / 292 mm


Static Linear Load
204 lb/in / 36 kg/cm


Engine Model
Cat C4.4
Gross Power
142 HP / 106 kW

Travel Speeds

8 mile/h / 13 km/h
4.5 mile/h / 7 km/h


Overall Length
15.5 ft / 4742 mm
Wheel Base
11.25 ft / 3450 mm
Height - With ROPS/FOPS
10 ft / 3068 mm
Overall Width
92 in / 2325 mm

Vibratory System

Centrifugal Force per Drum - Maximum
31069 lb / 138.2 kN
Centrifugal Force per Drum - Minimum
12409 lb / 55.2 kN
Maximum Amplitude
0.041 in / 1.03 mm
Minimum Amplitude
0.01 in / 0.3 mm
Maximum Frequency
3800 VPM / 63 Hz
Minimum Frequency
2520 VPM / 42 Hz
Vibration Selection
Independent per drum, front only, rear only, both

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity
66 gal (US) / 250 l
Water Spray Tank Capacity
264 gal (US) / 1000 l