Cat Payload with Truck Production Management System

Cat Payload with Truck Production Management System

Calculate material weight as you work with the Cat® Payload Truck Production Management & weighing system. Improve fleet productivity & reduce operating costs.


The Cat® Payload with Truck Production Management System is a payload weighing system that helps to improve fleet productivity and reduce operating costs. Payload lights and display signal that the proper load is reached.

Integrated Cat Technology

  • Components are built in at the factory for better performance, security, and support.
  • Sensors are integrated into the truck struts to increase loading accuracy and productivity.
  • Optional external signal lights come installed on all four corners of the machine for easy visibility.
  • Intuitive machine display allows for simplified viewing and faster navigation.
  • Integrated truck components ensure long life and reliable control.
  • Payload with TPMS is integrated with VisionLink™ and MineStar™, allowing seamless data transmission between jobsite machinery and managers. Additional subscriptions to VisionLink™ and MineStar™ required.

Boost Operator Productivity

  • External payload lights signal that the proper load is reached, helping to boost operator productivity by up to 25% vs. traditional loading.
  • Help experienced operators work more productively and accurately over long shifts. Help operators with less experience become proficient and get to design plan faster.
  • Work more efficiently by reducing passes and speed time to completion. Save time, labor, fuel and material consumption.
  • The system helps operators achieve more precise load targets with on-the-go weighing and real time payload estimates.

More Work, Less Time

  • Payload with Truck Production Management System helps operators improve loading accuracy and reduce under or overloading—save resources, decrease costs.
  • The system helps to reduce passes and speed time to completion, minimizing rework and fuel consumption.
  • Track daily productivity with quick access to target weights, cycle counts, and material movement.
  • Operators at various experience levels can use Payload with TPMS to better perform to design plan.