2337 mm (92 in)

2337 mm (92 in) Dozer Blade


Designed for rough and finish grading in dirt, gravel, and light dozing.Cat® Dozer Blades are designed for rough and finish grading in dirt and gravel, and light dozing. With their 6-way capabilities, dozer blades are better suited for finish grade work in construction and landscaping applications.

Blade Width

92 in / 2337 mm

Width - Fully Angled

80.7 in / 2049 mm

Maximum Blade Angle - Right/Left of Center

30 degrees


Designed for rough and finish grading in dirt and gravel as well as for light dozing.

VPAT Design

Track-type tractor variable power angle tilt (VPAT) design with simultaneous tilt and angling capability delivers superior control and maneuverability.

Replaceable Cutting Edge

Three-piece, replaceable, bolt-on, hardened cutting edge delivers long life and high performance.

Spill Guard

An integrated spill guard prevents material from spilling over the top of the blade in full blade scenarios.

Angled Blade Ends

Modeled after track-type tractor blades, this allows flush cutting against a vertical surface when the blade is fully tilted.

Mast Mounting Points

To accept external reference masts for use by GPS, Laser, or other leveling systems.

Removable Shims

Allows for adjustment of trunnion due to interface wear during normal usage.

OMM Container

Stores the OMM (Operation and Maintenance Manual) in a protective case on the attachment, where it can be conveniently accessed.

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Long Name:
2337 mm (92 in) Dozer Blade
2337 mm (92 in)
Blade Width
92 in / 2337 mm
Width - Fully Angled
80.7 in / 2049 mm
Maximum Blade Angle - Right/Left of Center
30 degrees
Tilt Angle Range +/-
10 degrees
Blade Height
24.4 in / 619 mm
Overall Height
25.1 in / 637 mm
40.5 in / 1028 mm
1085 lb / 492 kg
Cutting Edge Thickness
0.6 in / 16 mm
Required Hydraulics
Standard Flow
Optimal Hydraulic Flow
42-86 L/min (11-23 gpm)
Optimal Hydraulic Pressure
145-235 bar (2100-3400 psi)
Interface Type
Skid Steer Coupler