Tips for Buying New Heavy Equipment

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New heavy equipment is a big investment — both literally and financially. These machines usually start at around ten thousand dollars and the price just goes up from there, and in general, the bigger your machinery, the bigger the price tag. With so much on the line, you want to get it right.

Wagner Equipment Co serves Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas with the best new and used heavy equipment. We also offer heavy equipment rentals and heavy equipment financing. Our Cat Parts Store and work tools, such as Cat attachments for your heavy equipment. We do our best to be your one-stop-shop for all your construction, demolition, agricultural, mining, and forestry needs. Our team understands that buying new heavy equipment is a huge investment, and we can help you find the perfect heavy equipment rental or purchase for you. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to buy new heavy equipment. Visit our online Cat store to get started!


Consider Your Needs

The first thing you need to get clarity on is your needs before you start looking for heavy equipment for sale. This will depend on the average types of jobs you do or you hope to do when you purchase a new piece of heavy machinery. You can begin by asking yourself a series of questions: what does your typical job look like? What in the past were you lacking that you wish you had? What do you hope to accomplish with this new piece of heavy machinery? What will you be able to do with this piece of new heavy equipment that you couldn’t do otherwise? How will owning this piece of heavy equipment help you? Once you’ve narrowed down the projects you do or hope to do and the needs, you will be in a good position to start looking.

Consider Your Budget

As Wagner Equipment Co mentioned before, pieces of heavy equipment for sale often come with a heavy price tag, so you need to take a hard look at your budget before buying. Luckily, many heavy equipment dealers, such as us, offer great heavy equipment financing offers and deals, oftentimes with little money down and 0% interest for a certain term. This will most definitely affect your budget as well because you’ll be able to afford a bigger, better machine with great financing deals. You’ll also want to consider if you’ll need any attachments for your Cat equipment as those can add on to your budget as well.

Consider Your Storage Options

Let’s face it, your average Cat machine can’t exactly fit in your garage, nor do you necessarily want it to. Thus, these huge pieces of heavy equipment need a place to be stored. If you have only limited storage, you’ll probably want to consider a smaller piece of heavy equipment, such as our Cat mini excavators instead of a larger one. However, if one of the main reasons you are looking at purchasing a new piece of heavy equipment, for example, so you can do bigger construction projects more easily, then storage is not a deal breaker. Many companies offer storage solutions for your heavy equipment in your area. Ask your local Caterpillar dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, or west Texas for heavy equipment storage solutions near you.

Consider the Manufacturer and the Dealer

When purchasing a large piece of heavy equipment, you are buying a piece of machinery that will last you upwards of 20 years, assuming you keep it that long. Equipment needs regular maintenance in order to operate optimally and ensure your jobs aren’t delayed due to breakdowns and parts availability. Thus, you are not only buying a great piece of heavy equipment that will help you in accomplishing your projects, but you are also investing in a relationship with the dealer and the manufacturer that could last decades. Thus, you’ll want to invest in a dependable manufacturer, such as Caterpillar, that you know has excellent warranties and exceptional heavy equipment that won’t break down as soon as you begin using it.

You’ll also want to find a great heavy equipment dealer, such as Wagner Equipment Co, who also offers exceptional customer service, and one who preferably has a heavy equipment maintenance shop and a parts store to make repairing your machinery easy. Read online reviews, ask a lot of questions, and ensure your heavy machinery dealer always puts the customer first.

Consider the Extras

One of the advantages of buying a brand new piece of heavy equipment over older models is the advanced technology that many of them come with. From machine control systems to GPS, there are many technological innovations that can make your construction, mining, forestry, farming, and other project or industry jobs faster, more efficient, and easier. In the long run, these extra features not only are nice to have and help to make your job site safer, but they also will pay themselves in the amount of time they save and in customer satisfaction that can lead to referrals and repeat business.

With new heavy equipment, you will probably also want to consider a popular model. This ensures that parts are always available, and if your Cat machine does break down, it will be easy to find an experienced mechanic who can fix it.

Consider a Short-Term Rental

The old adage “try before you buy” applies with heavy equipment. Just like you take a test drive in a car you are thinking about buying, you can test drive a new piece of heavy equipment by renting a used version of it. This will let you get a feel for how the machine operates and if it will suit the need you are trying to fill. You will learn quickly its advantages and disadvantages and if it will fulfill your needs. Wagner Equipment Co specializes in heavy equipment rentals. One of our knowledgeable rental associates can have you set up in no time in one of our equipment rentals. You can rent daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on your need. So for your next job, invest in a heavy equipment rental to help you narrow down your purchase today.


Wagner Equipment Co offers heavy equipment for sale in Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas. Our Caterpillar dealers are well-versed in all of our pieces of heavy machinery, so they can help you narrow down your options and get you into the right machine for your needs, whether you are a farmer, a landscaper, or a demolition contractor.

Our construction equipment dealer company understands that deciding on a piece of heavy equipment is a big decision, and we are here to provide you with all of the answers to your questions. While we do want to sell you a nice piece of heavy equipment for your needs, we don’t want to sell you anything you don’t need. We offer advice and guidance so you can have all of the information you need to make a final decision. Our team lives out our values in action that include teamwork, excellence, accountability, safety, integrity, and communication. We treat people how they want to be treated, which we believe is part of our underlying success.

As part of our mission to be your one-stop-shop for heavy equipment rentals, we offer a Cat Parts Store and a service center where you can get all of the parts you need for repairs, or we can send one of our field service technicians out to you to diagnose and treat your big piece of heavy equipment. Our factory-trained technicians can help you reduce downtime and keep your Cat machines running strong all year long. We also offer our Wagner Parts Exchange program where you can bring in your engine, hydraulic pump, or wheel station and exchange it for a newer used one. This refurbishment program helps to save on downtime as well, which saves you money in the process.

Technology plays a big role in what we do here at Wagner. We offer online account services, so you can manage your heavy equipment rental agreement, make payments, request service, or ask a question easily. Our dashboard is easy to navigate. You can purchase parts online and have them shipped to your door, and you can do this through our Cat app on your phone. We offer fluid analysis to help you monitor the wear and tear on your heavy equipment, and we have a plethora of online resources for you to diagnose and fix common heavy equipment repairs as well. Don’t forget if you are looking to test before you buy, check out our heavy equipment rentals as well.

Wagner Equipment Co offers everything you could need to do jobs, from power systems and generator rentals to trucks and trailers to haul your new heavy equipment purchase. No matter what industry you are in, from construction to window washing, we’ve got your needs covered. If you are in Colorado, New Mexico, or west Texas, give us a call today!