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Light tower rentals are essential for many industries, especially in the spring, fall, and even winter when the days are short. They provide the light to see by to continue working to serve your clients, as well as to keep your workers safe.

Wagner Rents offers light tower rentals for your needs. We have Cat dealers locations in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas. These portable light towers are easy to use and even easier to transport. Get in touch with one of our associates to answer your questions and get started today.




Wagner Rents offers portable light tower rentals. These machines are mounted onto wheels and fold compactly, making it easy to tow one behind your vehicle. Since light towers are light, transportation is easy. These light tower rental options are popular, as you can drive these lights to your exact location, unhook them from your vehicle, set them up, and get moving.



Light tower stands are typically larger than portable light towers. They feature a longer arm so that the light can shine down and cover a larger area than a smaller portable light tower. Some of these are also mounted on wheels for easy transportation, but some are designed to stay fixed in one location.



Wheel tractor-scrapers are another type of earthmoving equipment rental that is perfect for road building and material handling on construction sites. These pieces of heavy machinery feature a pan or hopper for loading and carrying the excavated material. Cat wheel tractor-scraper rentals have efficient power, traction, and speed for reliable performance on even the toughest jobs. These machines are great for constructing mining and forestry roads, as well as more permanent structures. Our team at a Wagner Rents store near you can help with all of your wheel tractor-scraper rental needs. Call today.



When considering which type of light tower rental will meet your needs, you’ll want to consider a couple of factors:

  • How big is your space? If you are operating on a large job site, you’ll need more light towers.
  • Length of time you’ll be using the light towers. This is important to know so that you can ensure you have the right size diesel generator and the right amount of fuel, too.
  • Environment. Some light towers are powered by solar and some are LED. If you are working in a cloudy place, a solar tower may not be for you. Alternatively, if the wind is blustery, you may want a light tower stand that is a bit more secure.
  • Is rental the best option? If you will be needing your light tower for a good span of time, purchasing one may be the better option. Wagner Rents also offer new and used light towers for sale. Connect with us to explore your options today.
wagner rents

Wagner Rents has a full line of mid-size and compact construction Cat® equipment. As your full service rental source, we also rent and sell a variety of other brand tools and equipment you trust; everything from Genie aerial platforms, Multiquip generators, Sullair air compressors and tools, to trench shoring equipment. Our fleet of late model / low hour rental equipment is well maintained by expert technicians. Our Rental Representatives will get you the equipment you need to get the job done quickly. Wagner Rents offers daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates.

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Since you cannot see without light, having the right type and number of lighting towers is crucial to your job site’s efficiency and success. We offer multiple types of light towers to meet your varying needs, and we are more than happy to advise you on which type of light tower rental is for you and more. In addition, we offer a plethora of services in order to ensure all of your needs are met. From field service technicians who can come to your location and get your heavy machinery up and running to our power systems that can supply the power you need on remote locations to run light towers, our products and services stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Wagner Rents is your top-rated heavy equipment rental agency in Colorado, New Mexico, and far West Texas. Our team has over four decades of experience in helping you with all of your heavy equipment, including portable light tower rental needs. From financing to fluid analysis and site positioning systems, we can help. Our mission is to ensure you have everything you need to serve your customers to the highest of standards. Contact your nearest Wagner location, stop by, or browse online today!

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