The desire to move earth for human purposes has existed since the beginning of time. We’ve most definitely come a long way from shovels, buckets, and pure human labor. Earthmoving equipment offers you the chance to change your landscape and community efficiently and relatively quickly. What used to take decades, such as building the Great Pyramid of Giza, now is a matter of only a few short months.

Wagner Rents offers the best earthmoving equipment rental for your needs. From landscaping and construction to demolition and mining, Cat equipment rentals have got your needs covered. We have Caterpillar dealers throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas to better serve you. Contact us about earthmoving equipment rentals for your needs today!


  • Little impact to cash flow. We all know cash is king, and when you have to give up a significant portion of your cash for a large purchase, you can be strapped for cash and find yourself in a cash flow bind. When you invest in earthmoving equipment rentals, you can hold onto that cash you’d invest in a heavy equipment purchase and rent instead.
  • Promote job efficiency. No doubt you’ve found yourself in a situation where you didn’t have the right size heavy machinery for a job. Perhaps your bucket was too small or your skid steer was too big for residential landscaping work. When you invest in an earthmoving equipment rental, you’ll be able to rent the perfect machine for the size of your job and end the frustrations and extra time it takes when your machine doesn’t quite cut it.
  • Opens up more job prospects. If you limit your jobs to only what your current machinery can handle, you may find yourself turning down jobs or not exploring other fields that complement your primary work. By using earthmoving equipment rentals, your business can take on a broader spectrum of work, earning you more income and perhaps allowing you to find synergies between energies. Plus, you may find a new passion, too!




Articulated trucks are characterized by a pivot joint in the middle that allows the truck to turn more sharply so it can do work in a tighter radius. You’ll see articulated trucks used in construction, excavation, and mining projects, to name a few. Articulated truck rentals can help you perform uncommon jobs, maneuver in rugged terrain, and access tighter spaces. From detention ponds to subdivision construction sites, articulated truck rentals are great for hauling materials, especially dirt during excavation projects. Contact your nearest Wagner location in Colorado, New Mexico, or far West Texas to learn more today.



If you are in need of moving and pushing large amounts of material quickly, a dozer rental is your answer. These pieces of heavy equipment have been around for almost 100years and were first used to plow fields. From there, they were used in early logging operations, as well as road building. Their design contributed to the design of the first tank during World War I. Dozer rentals were made for earthmoving, digging, excavating, and levelling large tracts of land easily. They can clear rubble and debris effortlessly and are great for plowing snow. If you are in need of a dozer rental near you, get in touch with your nearest Wagner Rents today.



Perhaps the quintessential earthmoving machine, the excavator specializes in digging, lifting, and moving large piles of dirt and other materials, such as coal, from one place to another. Excavator rentals can help you with material handling demolition, forestry, dredging, and more. If you want to build a pond in your backyard, consider an excavator rental. Wagner Rents offers a whole slew of excavator rentals for your use. You can choose the size and the attachment for a perfect fit for your needs. Get in touch with your nearest Wagner location with your questions and for availability today!



The skid steer has quickly become the most popular earthmoving equipment rental due to its versatility and ease of use. Truly, there is almost no limit to what a skid steer rental can do for you. Demolition, mowing, loading, material handling, Ag work, grading, backfilling, digging, trenching, snow removal, and more, a skid steer rental can help you with all of your various jobs. With Cat attachments, you can use your skid steer rental for detail-oriented tasks that will run smoothly and efficiently. Contact the nearest Caterpillar near you for availability today!



Wheel dozer rentals are great for when you are working on flat terrain, such as roadways, bridges, and flat ground. They are great for residential work since their tires do minimal damage to existing landscaping. Wheel dozer rentals feature a blade, which makes them popular for grading and for snow removal. Cat wheel dozer rentals are designed for demanding work and can run all day long without complaint. Plus, since they are on wheels, you can drive them short distances to where they need to go, too. Call Wagner Rents in Colorado, New Mexico, or far west Texas to get started today!



Wheel tractor-scrapers are another type of earthmoving equipment rental that is perfect for road building and material handling on construction sites. These pieces of heavy machinery feature a pan or hopper for loading and carrying the excavated material. Cat wheel tractor-scraper rentals have efficient power, traction, and speed for reliable performance on even the toughest jobs. These machines are great for constructing mining and forestry roads, as well as more permanent structures. Our team at a Wagner Rents store near you can help with all of your wheel tractor-scraper rental needs. Call today.

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It seems as if all of humanity is fascinated with moving dirt, as exhibited by little children who love to play in the dirt, shovel it, and move it around, crafting beautiful creations from their imaginations. This tendency has contributed to the modern earthmoving equipment that can pack a punch when put to work, levelling land and preparing it for the next big creation to take shape.

Wagner Rents offers earthmoving equipment rentals when you need it. Whether you have a short-term project or demand has jumped unexpectedly, our heavy equipment rentals can fill the void you may have. Our team can help direct you to the right piece of equipment for the job. In addition, our service department will ensure your earthmoving equipment rental stays operational with the best Genuine Cat parts to support your machine’s every move. If you are looking to maximize your rental’s capabilities, consider adding a machine control system or site positioning system to help minimize equipment usage.

No matter your needs, Wagner Rents can help. Be sure to inquire about all of our heavy equipment rentals, as well as our attachment rentals, in order to continue to increase your capabilities and improve your bottom line. Get in touch with a team member in Colorado, New Mexico, or far west Texas today!

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