If you sat down and tried to list all of the uses of concrete, you’d be sitting for a while. From building foundations to flooring, walls, dams, roads, and bridges, concrete has been the building block of civilizations since it was invented by the ancient Romans — including America. In fact, you are probably sitting somewhere (either in a building or on a road) that is made from concrete. It’s hard to think of an invention that has changed the course of history and our lives greater than concrete.

Wagner Rents offers concrete equipment rentals, so you can continue to improve your corner of the world and make life easier for those around you and the community at large. From traveling over the holidays to see relatives to feeling secure in your home during a winter storm, it’s comforting to know concrete has got our back. If you are interested in concrete equipment rentals in Colorado, New Mexico, or far west Texas, get in touch with our team today!



  • Concrete buggies
  • Core drills
  • Electric tools
  • Floor grinders
  • Handheld cut-off saws
  • Walk-behind concrete saws


  • Great for short-term use. If concrete is not your primary work but you do occasional jobs that require a concrete foundation, sidewalk, etc., then renting concrete equipment is for you. You can save the expense of having to purchase concrete equipment that then will most likely sit, unused, for a good portion of the year.
  • Great for seasonal demand. Many industries see the majority of their work during one season, such as landscaping, construction, and demolition work. During times of increased production needs, having access to extra concrete equipment can allow you to do more concrete jobs and take advantage of the season.
  • Saves money on testing, maintenance, and service. One of the biggest advantages of investing in concrete equipment rental is that the rental company maintains responsibility for the upkeep of the machinery. Thus, if something breaks or you need service, you simply call the heavy equipment rental company so they will handle it for you.
  • Easier for your accountant. When you own heavy machinery, you have to depreciate it every year for tax purposes, meaning it loses value and impacts your deductions. By renting concrete equipment, you can deduct the rental expense and not have to worry about depreciation at all.




Concrete buggies are the utility vehicles on a construction site where concrete is being poured. These small drivable concrete equipment rentals allow you to easily transport concrete from one area to another. This feature saves you time, effort, and money, especially if you use them frequently. The concrete buggy replaces the old-school wheelbarrow to move concrete, which requires a lot of manpower and attention to detail so the concrete does not spill out. Wagner Rents offers both wheeled and track concrete buggy rentals. Call your nearest Wagner location for availability today!



Core drills are used extensively in concrete and hard rock situations. Core drills feature a hollow bit, which allows them to remove the material as you drill, leaving behind a perfect round hole or other shapes you desire. Core drill rentals are used in plumbing and drainage pipes, to create holes for wires to run through them, including phone and cable lines, and are used by HVAC companies in their installation of heating and air systems. From drilling holes in concrete roadways to helping with mining projects, core drill rentals make jobs easier and smoother. If you are interested in Wagner Rents’ core drill rentals, call today.



When it comes to electric tools, these small powerhouses are indispensable for handling the smaller, more detailed work in almost every industry. Whether you are gardening at home or working on a large construction site, having electric tools to help you with the hammering, fastening, drilling, cutting, shaping, sanding, and grinding can save you and your business a ton of time, effort, and money in labor. Wagner Rents offers a rotary drill hammer, an electric jackhammer, and more. For electric tool rentals, it’s best to call the nearest your nearest Wagner location for availability.



As the name implies, a floor grinder is used on flooring materials, especially concrete to perfect them — to grind, polish, and clean. A floor grinder rental is perfect for your smaller or one-off jobs where you are finishing a remodeling project or a building project. These machine rentals are relatively small, so they are great for your hard-to-reach areas that can leave flooring looking fabulous. Our heavy equipment rental stores in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas offer floor grinder rentals for your use. Get in touch to get started today.



Having raw materials is great; however, if you can’t turn these raw materials into finished goods, they are useless. Handheld cut-off saws have been used for generations to shape wood, metal, plastic, and other materials into usable products, such as furniture, chairs, and machines that we enjoy and that make our lives easier. Wagner Rents offers a wide assortment of handheld cut-off saw rentals of various sizes, so you can customize the saw you need for your use. You can rent these for the long-term or for short periods of time. Get in touch with a Wagner Rental store near you to discover which handheld cut-off saw rentals are available.



One of the advantages to walk-behind concrete saw rentals is that you have the flexibility to use them only when needed. This makes it easy to respond to consumer demand and eliminates the need for storing it when not in use. Walk-behind concrete saw rentals are designed with the user in mind, featuring ergonomic features so that your work is even easier. Use for a variety of specialized needs, such as cutting concrete, roadways, asphalt, tile, brick, and more in your construction, road building, and excavation needs. If you are interested in a walk-behind concrete saw rental for your needs, reach out today.

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