Benefits of Planned Tree Thinning

Benefits of Planned Tree Trimming


A forest is a living thing that requires sustenance like all living creatures in order to survive. These include carbon dioxide, nutrients from the soil, sunlight, and water. However, when you have too many trees close to each other, competition for these vital nutrients can occur, leaving some trees squeezed and in an unhealthy state.

Wagner Equipment Co is a heavy equipment dealer with locations in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas. We are a Caterpillar dealer, focusing on bringing our customers not only the best in new, used, and rental heavy equipment, but also offering the best service and Cat parts. We offer many forestry machinery, such as feller bunchers, forest machines, and harvesters, to help you keep forests healthy while harvesting trees. Below, we’ll take a look at the benefits of planned tree thinning. Contact one of our dealer locations to get started today!


Benefits of Planned Tree Thinning



Decreases Competition

Just like any habitat for animals, too many trees results in competition for resources and thereby a dying off of those that can’t survive. This is seen in food webs where the predator has been removed, leaving the prey to overpopulate. With forests, too many trees can lead to no new trees being able to grow due to lack of sunlight and other nutrients. As trees age and either die or are harvested, there are then no younger trees to take their place. In the event of a drought, more trees will survive too with less competition for the precious drops of water that fall from the sky.



Many people argue that forest fires are Mother Nature’s way of regenerating forests and getting rid of unhealthy forests. While this is true, the number of forest fires have jumped in recent years that have been caused by humans. These fires can be devastating and can cause more harm than good, especially when they threaten humans and their homes. By engaging in proper tree thinning, it is easier for firefighters to put out these forests with less fuel to burn, thereby preserving human structures and forests as well. Smaller trees provide what is known as “ladder fuel,” which allows forest fires to stay close to the ground and burn hotter, preventing fire fighting methods, too.




Increases Growth

Proper tree thinning helps trees to grow larger and healthier. This is because there is less competition for vital nutrients so the trees that are remaining can have access to more. Tree thinning removes the stunted trees, trees that are diseased, or trees that are located in an area with few nutrients, which frees up even more nutrients for those trees left standing. Plus, these smaller trees can then be used by humans for our products, such as pulp for paper, which helps to make forests profitable in other ways than just timber. Proper tree thinning also allows for invasive species to be culled out and managed better.


REDUCES DISEASE AND INSECTSReduces Disease and Insects

Insects and diseases target trees that are unhealthy. The pine beetle species (of which there are several) target trees that have thin barks, are smaller, and have a small crown. Trees that have a thick bark and are strong and healthy are able to resist the beatles better. Plus, with fewer trees, the beetle will spread slower, too. Annosum root rot is a common tree disease that spreads to other trees through root contact. Thus, if trees are spread further apart, this disease cannot spread as readily.




Critters love undergrowth in which to hide from predators and raise their young. When more sunlight can penetrate to a forest floor, the temperature of the soil increases, and there is more moisture available and more nutrients can flourish. You will notice more bushes and smaller vegetation that offer a great habitat for forest creatures. Smaller trees are able to take root and then grow to eventually replace the older ones. For humans who enjoy nature, fewer trees also means less branches and debris to push through and climb over when out for day hikes and camping.



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Trees are vital to our planet. They clean the air. They take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. They provide us with shade during the hot summer months and wind breaks during the cold winter. Plus, trees are a feast for the eyes, offering beautiful spring flowers, greenery that soothes the soul, and delicious fruit in the fall. And this doesn’t take into account all of the products we get from trees, such as paper, and the medicines, too. During the winter, who doesn’t love the smell of pine cones or the scent of a pine forest to invigorate your day? Imagine the world without trees — bleak, isn’t it?

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