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Cat attachments are truly what makes your heavy equipment workhorses. From buckets and blades to mulchers, saws, and grapples, your machine can do ten times more tasks with attachments.

Wagner Rents is proud to offer attachment rentals for your Caterpillar machines at each of our dealer locations in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas. We’ve made both our heavy equipment and attachments easy to switch out, so you can seamlessly flow from one task to another without losing precious time. Check out our Cat attachment rentals today!


  • Expands the use of your machinery. This is the biggest benefit of Cat attachment rentals. When you rent a ripper, grapple, tranche, forks, and more, you have effectively turned your heavy equipment into a different piece and can now perform a dozen more tasks than you could perform.
  • Saves you money. Rather than buying a specialized piece of equipment to perform a task, you can instead invest in an attachment rental to do the same job at a mere fraction of the cost than a new piece of heavy equipment, saving you a lot of money. This cost savings can then be passed on to the customer, increasing your business and your bottom line as well.
  • Availability. Sometimes, a specialized piece of heavy equipment may not be available either for rent or to purchase for weeks. This can delay your job or effect if you even land the job in the first place. In general, Cat attachment rentals are more readily available (and easy to transport) than heavy equipment rentals.
  • No repairs or maintenance. It is the job of the heavy equipment rental company to repair and maintain the attachment rental since they are the owner. Therefore, if something breaks due to wear and tear while on the job, you simply drop it off at the heavy equipment rental store and get a new one at no extra charge to you.




An auger rental is one of our most popular rentals because it is used to drill holes mostly in the ground, but they can also be used to drill into other materials. They come in many different shapes and sizes in order to suit your particular needs. In general, they are spiral shaped, which supplies their ferocious digging power that gets the job done with little effort. From drilling holes for telephone poles to drilling a well for a new construction home, auger rentals have got you covered. Rent from Wagner Rents today.



Like augers, bucket rentals come in all shapes and sizes to suit both your machine and your use. Smaller machines require proportional buckets in order to ensure safety and so the heavy machine does not work overly hard. Here at Wagner Rents, we offer a whole slew of choices for your exact needs, from compact wheel loader buckets to telehandler and skid steer loader buckets. Whether you need to move snow or dirt from one place to the next, our bucket rentals will get the job done. Call for our bucket rental availability today.



While we all love trees and the many benefits they provide us (from fresh air to much-needed shade in the hot summer months), trees require a lot of care. That’s where mulcher rentals shine. Mulchers are designed to grind up most types of wood and other organic material, including leaves, grass, twigs, sticks, and stumps. Mulchers turn these materials into smaller pieces that we then can use as mulch or for other decorative purposes. If you are looking for a mulcher rental for your Caterpillar machine, contact Wagner Rents today.



Saws are cutting machines designed to either cut materials into smaller, more usable items, or to cut materials into specific segments for use. Saws feature a cutting blade of some sort, and they come in specialized sizes and designs to meet specific needs. Wagner Rents offers saws for Cat machines that can handle large quantities and materials. These Cat attachment rentals are super easy to switch out on your machine, and we handle all of the sharpening and replacement of the blades for you. Get in touch with one of our Caterpillar dealers to learn more today.



In Colorado and in the mountainous areas of New Mexico, you can see a fair amount of snow. Rather than invest in a whole new machine that you then have to store unused for half of the year, you can instead invest in a snow plow rental from Wagner Rents to meet your needs. Let’s face it, sometimes you will only need a snow plow a few times a year; other times, you’ll need it a lot. This uncertainty makes snow plow attachment rentals extremely attractive. Call us for availability today.



A trencher is used to dig trenches for underground work, such as to lay utility lines, cables, drainage, pipes, and more. Trencher rentals are extremely valuable because you may only do a few trenching jobs a year. However, when you need to repair an underground pipe or move or install utilities for a new home, a trencher rental will make your work go fast and smoothly. Wagner Rents offers many trencher rentals for different Cat machines. Check out our inventory online, or call today.

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The mission of Wagner Rents is to ensure you have all of the heavy equipment rentals and attachments you need to serve your clients quickly and efficiently. Before heavy machinery, projects took months. Now, your project can be shortened to days. You will not only pad your bottom line, but you’ll be able to do more jobs, impacting your community in a big way.

In addition to our full line of attachment rentals, Wagner Equipment rents heavy machinery for your needs. Thus, if you need a specialized piece of equipment for your jobs, we can help. Our team has more than 40 years of experience helping our customers find exactly what they need. We offer a superb service department, and if you have a problem while on site, our field service technicians will come to you to offer a repair. We carry spare Cat parts, so if something breaks down, your downtime can be minimized. And, if you are looking to use technology to speed up your work, we offer machine control systems, site positioning systems, and fluid analysis, too.

As if that’s not enough, we also offer financing on our new and used heavy equipment. This allows you to use your machinery to pay for itself over time without a huge upfront expense that could affect your cash flow needs. If you are doing remote or site work, we offer power systems for sale or for rent. We aim to be your comprehensive heavy equipment dealer, so you only have to make one stop for all your needs. Contact one of our dealers located in Colorado, New Mexico, or far west Texas today!

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