Aerial lifts are essential pieces of heavy equipment in many industries in order to accomplish jobs and tasks that are off the ground. You will find aerial lifts in construction, agriculture, warehouses, telecommunication work, maintenance, and more. These lifts come in many different types to support different needs, all of which are engaged in lifting people, tools, and materials to where they need to go.

Wagner Rents offers many different types of aerial lift rentals for your needs. Our mission is to help you serve your clients, whether you are building a new commercial building or subdivision or you help move goods around warehouses. Our team has the knowledge and the foresight to get the job done right. For your next aerial lift rental, contact one of our Caterpillar dealers in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas today!



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There are many jobs that humans just can’t do without assistance that are overhead. From repairing electrical lines to cleaning exteriors of buildings and performing maintenance, aerial lifts make these types of jobs easier. Some of the benefits of aerial lift rentals include:

  • For those on a tight budget. Some companies just don’t have the cash flow to support a piece of new heavy equipment. This includes new companies who are just starting out. With an aerial lift rental, you can have access to these machinery needs without the heavy price tag often associated with them.
  • Find the perfect model for you. With so many different types and models of aerial rental equipment available, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. By renting aerial lift equipment, you can test out models and find the right one for you and your application.
  • Rental technology. As you know, construction technology and others improve almost on a daily basis. By investing in aerial lift rentals, you can have access to newer technology without having to purchase an entire machine. This can offer many cost savings, too.
  • Accomplish more in less time. By investing in aerial lift rentals, you can often accomplish more jobs at the same time, as well as utilize your most skilled employees in many ways.
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One of the most popular types of aerial lifts, boom lifts, are what most people envision when thinking about an aerial lift. These feature long telescoping arms with a platform that can be used for projects such as repairing power lines or replacing signs. For such a useful piece of equipment, it surprisingly hasn’t been around for all that long, only having been invented in the 1950s. They were hugely popular in orchards back then, which is why they are also known as cherry pickers. Today, you’ll see them used by utility workers and those who work on towers. Contact Wagner Rents for a complete list of our boom lift rentals today!


Material lifts are distinguished from other types of lifts by their two forks and a crank. These parts move the lift and the materials up and then place them where they need to be. You will find material lifts used in all types of applications since they are great at lifting bulky and heavy items. These aerial lifts are compact and easy to transport, making them popular in warehouses for shipping and receiving and other industrial applications. These lifts are incredibly easy to operate, which is another reason to invest in a material lift rental. Call your nearest Wagner dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, or West Texas to get started today.

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Aptly named as they feature an elevated platform that sits on crossbars, a scissor lift is incredibly useful for workers who need to perform work at heights for long periods of time. A scissor lift can be adjusted to various heights with its criss-crossing metal supports that elongate as it rises. This type of aerial lift only moves straight up and down, as opposed to boom lifts that can move in all directions. Scissor lifts are safe for multiple crew members to use, which is why you’ll see them on construction sites and used next to high-rise buildings. Wagner Rents is proud to offer scissor lift rentals to our customers. Call to find the perfect lift for you today!


Very similar to scissor lifts, a vertical personnel lift is designed to hold one person and only has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. They consist of a platform for one person with a bit of room for tools and other items, as well as a movable support structure usually made from steel. These aerial lifts are extremely compact, making them easy to store, simple to use, and are great for when your team has to reach a high shelf, like in a warehouse store. For the most part, these aerial lifts only move straight up and down. If you are interested in Wagner Rents’ vertical personnel lifts, give one of our Caterpillar stores in Colorado, New Mexico, or far west Texas a call today!

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Wagner Rents is a leader in heavy equipment rentals, including aerial lift rentals, in our service areas of Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas. These essential pieces of heavy machinery serve to help your team as you accomplish your jobs, from picking apples on your farm to replacing light bulbs on street corners. As with all pieces of heavy machinery, aerial lifts make doing work at heights safe, easy, and efficient, saving you a lot of time and effort in engineering  other methods. In addition, we offer Rental Power Systems so you can have power in remote locations, as well as Technology Solutions Rentals, which help optimize the performance of your heavy equipment.

Wagner Equipment Co has been offering the best in new, used, and rental heavy equipment since 1976. Our core values of teamwork, excellence, accountability, safety, integrity, and communication have enabled us to continue to offer you the best customer service and experience possible. We offer Genuine Cat parts, exceptional service programs, such as our Cat CVAs (Customer Value Agreements), and the latest in construction technology so that you can keep moving and improving your community. Every year, we believe we get better, helping our customers with improved offerings that help to make your life easier. Partner with us for all your heavy equipment rental needs today!


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