3 Signs You Need New Screening Equipment



When you are crushing and grinding rocks, minerals, and other materials, such as glass and bottles, this undoubtedly can take its toll on your machinery. While crushes, such as jaw and impact crushers, take a big portion of the beating that these hard materials can bring, screeners do just as an important job. For instance, these broken chunks of rock spin in a trommel screener, which can create a lot of wear and tear, even though these rock chunks are smaller. Thus, screeners themselves will wear out or need to be replaced due to a change in technology.

Wagner Equipment Co offers the best screeners in the crushing and screening industry. We’ve partnered with the best brands, such as Metso and McCloskey, who have decades of experience in creating top-notch screeners in order to ensure you have the best equipment for the job. Screeners play a vital role in getting us the energy we need, the minerals we use, and in recycling. It’s important to ensure you have the best available. In addition, we offer many other systems and applications for your needs, from power systems to provide light and electricity for night operations to Cat mining trucks and loaders, capable of moving tons of material easily. And with our excellent service department and well-stocked Cat parts stores, you can ensure your job site runs smoothly. We have Cat dealers in Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas. Below, we’ll take a look at some signs you need new screening equipment. Contact our team at one of our Cat dealers to get started today!




Lots of Holes

As most of us know from having screens in our windows, doors, or patio area at home, screens often get holes in them. When your screens begin to wear holes frequently to the point that replacing the screen is just not working, it’s probably time to start looking for new screening equipment. This may be the way the screen media is hitting some part of your conveyor or the way the material is coming out of the crusher. Either way, too many holes means too much work in picking up the materials that fall out in the wrong place.

You Want to Replace Your Screen Media

In the past, most screens were made from steel wire. Steel obviously is a very strong material, which is why it has been the go-to screen media material for many years. It can handle the constant jostling of rock and other materials without significant wear. Steel also holds its shape quite well so you can count on the material being filtered out to be accurate with steel screens. However, recently rubber and urethane modular screen panels have become popular because they are durable like steel, but they require fewer replacements overall.

It’s prudent to replace your screen media based on the material you are processing and screening. In order to boost capacity, you want a screen material that is made for your screens so that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

You Are Replacing Your Crushers

While, in general, crushers last a lot longer than screens just due to the nature of the materials they are made from. After all, thinner materials, such as what screens are made from, wear out a lot faster than huge chunks of steel, such as crusher jaws. However, if you are replacing your crusher, you may want to consider replacing your screening equipment as well for several reasons. Your new crusher may be producing a lot more material at a higher rate, so you want your screeners to be able to handle the new volume. You may be screening different materials than you had been previously, so you want your screens to be able to handle the new material seamlessly. Finally, you want to be able to track the performance of your screens when you invest in a new crusher, so you want data that is reliable.

Other Considerations When Replacing Your Screening Equipment

Crushing and screening equipment, in general, are big purchases and investments to make. You want to ensure you are not only maximizing the life of your old equipment, but that you’ll also be choosing new crushing and screening equipment that will give you the most value for the foreseeable future. By analyzing your numbers, your future orders, and your predicted growth/use rates for the upcoming year and maybe even a few years, you’ll be able to make a wise decision on if the time is right for a new screener for your business. Our expert technicians can help you with that decision as well. Give us a call; we’d love to help.



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For our crushing and screening equipment, we’ve partnered with the best names in the business, including Metso and McCloskey, in order to bring you the screeners you need to get the job done. While there may not be anything remarkable about shifting through rocks and recycled material, at the end of the day, your work is building bridges and roads, putting salt on the table, contributing to beautiful jewelry and wedding rings, and saving source material with helping with recycling. Wagner is proud to assist you in this noble endeavor that impacts everyone in some way in their everyday life.

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