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You can think of Caterpillar parts as your backup quarterback. Your regular quarterback is awesome and amazing, as is your Cat machine, but every now and again he breaks down and needs a reboot. Similarly, your Caterpillar machine will occasionally demand some attention, whether it needs a new air filter, sealing washer, or a differential. Luckily, we can help.

Wagner Equipment Co. is a Caterpillar dealer with Cat dealer locations throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas. We’ve got you covered when it comes to genuine Cat parts. We offer both new and used Cat parts at our dealer locations and online. You can also find the best Caterpillar remanufactured parts, and we offer our Wagner Parts Exchange that helps to reduce your downtime and save you money. If you can’t come to us or simply don’t have the time, we are happy to send one of our 235 field service technicians to your location to help you troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair your Caterpillar heavy equipment with our genuine Cat parts. If you are in need of some spare Cat parts or you have a specific Caterpillar part that you need, call one of our Cat dealers today!

Genuine Caterpillar Parts We Carry

  • Cat Gears
  • Cat Differentials
  • Cat Steering Needs
  • Cat Transmissions
  • Cat Final Drives
  • Cat Friction Materials
  • Cat Drive Trains
  • Cat Filters
  • Cat Seals and O-Rings
  • Cat Engine Parts
  • Cat Electronics
  • Cat Undercarriage
  • Cat Hydraulics
  • And So Much More!


  • Minimize downtime. The world rewards production and jobs completed. For example, if you’re a construction company, you receive your final payment when the building is completed. The sooner your building is done, the sooner you get paid. You don’t get rewarded for a half-finished building when your Caterpillar heavy equipment goes down. Having genuine Caterpillar parts on-hand will save your small business from costly downtime and keep your crews moving to the end goal of the completed project.
  • Keep labor costs down. One of the biggest reasons to minimize downtime with genuine Cat parts on-hand is to keep labor costs down. If your heavy equipment is down, the clock is still ticking for your employees. Now, instead of paying them to get the job done, you are paying them to not only find the missing Cat parts you need at a local dealer, but also paying them to repair and replace them once these are procured. Depending on how long this takes (from an hour to days), this could be very costly for your small business. By investing in genuine Cat parts on-hand, you can rest assured when something needs fixing, it will take less time to do so.
  • Wholesale prices. Think about the last time you were frantic for a part. You may have had to run around town to different stores and see if they had the part you needed in stock. If not, you asked how long it would be before the part came in. When you did finally order the part, you might have paid extra for expedited shipping, which can be expensive. And you may have had to shut down production until the part came in. However, when you plan ahead by having your frequently-needed genuine Caterpillar parts on-hand, you can save money by buying in bulk and without added rush shipping costs.
  • Avoid patch jobs. Patch jobs are where you jimmy heavy equipment to keep them working for now. While the solution is not ideal, it keeps your construction or job site moving until the genuine Cat part arrives. Wagner Equipment Co notes that there is definitely a time and place for this; however, if you don’t know exactly what you are doing, you could end up doing more damage than if you had waited. By having genuine Caterpillar parts on-hand, you avoid this scenario altogether.

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  • Cat filters. From air filters to engine filters and Cat hydraulic filters, these genuine Cat parts are an absolute must to have on-hand. Not only do you replace them frequently, but they are also inexpensive Cat spare parts that are central to keeping your Cat machine happy, healthy, and running smoothly.
  • Cat seals and O-rings. These tiny Cat parts are easy to lose and fall off while performing heavy equipment work. However, these genuine Caterpillar parts take up little space, are inexpensive, and can be a lifesaver for your heavy equipment.
  • Cat hydraulics. From fittings and adapters to tubes and pipes, having the smaller hydraulic components on-hand can save you big time in terms of a major repair job. Regular maintenance for your heavy equipment is vital to ensuring they keep running.
  • Cat engine parts. Obviously we don’t recommend you keep a replacement engine on-hand (hopefully you won’t ever need one!). However, as you know a Cat engine has dozens of moving parts that all work together to help your Cat machine run optimally. From gear assemblies to belts and pulleys, you can choose the genuine Caterpillar engine parts that you need frequently. Shop either online or at a Wagner Equipment dealer today.

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Without heavy equipment, we’d get a fraction of the work done with much more manpower than we would otherwise. Caterpillar machines help us to build mighty structures akin to the Great Pyramids of Giza in mere months, not 20 years. The creations we see every day continue to amaze us and make our lives easier each and every day so that we can have more leisure time to enjoy the finer things of life, such as library trips with the kids and weekend getaways with your loved one.

Wagner Equipment Co is proud to be a Caterpillar dealer with locations all throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas. We are a full-service Caterpillar dealer, offering new and used heavy equipment for sale, genuine Cat Parts Stores at our dealerships and online, and field service technicians who can help you with your heavy equipment repair needs. Our mission is to make your small business’s life a bit easier. Besides our best-in-the-business Cat and Ag machines, we offer power systems, trailers, and technology solutions, such as fluids analysis, that are designed to prolong the longevity of your Caterpillar machines. Our mission is to help you throughout the lifetime of your equipment. We’ve been serving our customers since 1976, always putting their needs first. We can’t wait to help you with your genuine Cat part needs and more. Contact one of our Cat dealers today!

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