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Fluids Analysis

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When it comes to the care and maintenance of your new, used, or rental heavy equipment, it’s important to invest in regular maintenance and to invest in preventative maintenance as well. Technology plays a vital role since it can be used to gauge the health of your machinery to tell you about how your maintenance plan is doing and what needs more attention or less.

Wagner Equipment Co is a Caterpillar dealer with locations in Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas. We offer new, used, and rental heavy equipment, including Ag equipment, forestry, mining, and the like. Our mission is to ensure your needs are taken care of, from finding the right Cat machinery or attachment for your needs to ensuring it stays running with minimal downtime — and we utilize technology and fluids analysis to do so. Reach out to one of our locations to get started today!


  • Proactive maintenance reduces costs and helps to prevent major breakdowns
  • Helps to identify the root cause of issues and problems
  • Helps to extend the life of your heavy equipment
  • Extends the life of your lubricants
  • You’ll experience fewer repair needs
  • Helps maintain the resale value of your machinery
  • And more!


Part of effective machine maintenance is Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS) and Fluids Analysis — for oil and coolant.

Regular fluids analysis is the analysis of your Cat machine engine’s oil, as well as the fluids from other components, like hydraulics, transmission, final drive and cooling systems. It offers a clear picture of the inner workings of your machinery. Fluids analysis works by taking a sample of oil, coolant, and fuel mixtures that are then tested for any contaminants present, such as metals or other debris. The data is recorded and then used to help discover where minor leaks and wear and tear could be lurking. This can help you repair these areas of your heavy equipment before they become problems down the road.

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  • Total Base Number (TBN) — This test tells you the level of alkaline additives in your machinery’s oil. Additives are necessary in machinery to help prevent the component parts from wearing down prematurely. However, additives are used up as your equipment runs, which helps to make them ineffective, especially during the combustion process.
  • Total Acid Number (TAN) — This test tells you the level of the acids in your machinery’s oil. It is desired that the TBN be higher than the TAN number.
  • Oil Viscosity — Viscosity is the thickness of a substance, which tells you how quickly it flows. In general, the higher the viscosity, the better heavy equipment and machinery is able to handle temperature extremes and pressure changes.
  • Coolant Chemical Balance — This test makes sure the coolants in your heavy equipment are at a healthy level. They test the glycol and pH levels, which can tell performance and other metrics.

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Analyzing fluids of your heavy equipment on a regular basis gives you insight into the internal condition of critical (and most expensive to fix) components. Small problems are kept from growing into big ones. Heavy equipment repairs can often be forecasted and planned by utilizing Wagner’s Fluid Analysis Lab. Our experienced team can help ensure the proper functioning and the longevity of your heavy equipment, so you’re not left in a lurch due to non-performance. In fact, you’ll increase productivity and have a higher-quality piece of equipment overall.

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Wagner Equipment Co is your comprehensive Cat dealer for Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas. We aim to take care of your needs from the moment you inquire about a piece of new, used, or rental heavy equipment to the moment you no longer own one or are interested in one. Heavy machinery admittedly takes a lot to keep running, from regular maintenance to repairs and service. Our team is here to ensure your machinery is repaired as quickly as possible to minimize downtime.

Fluids analysis is just one tool we use in the quest for low carbon emissions, fuel efficiency, and optimal performance of your heavy equipment. We offer Cat parts online, so you can order all of the spare parts you need for your heavy equipment and have them delivered to your door. We offer VisionLink for the construction industry, which uses telematics to help you monitor your assets and manage your fleet. Our partner SITECH Rocky Mountain offers a variety of construction technology, surveying equipment rentals, and machine control systems to help you be more efficient on the job site. Plus, Caterpillar has been on the cutting edge of technology for decades, investing heavily to continually improve your heavy machinery.

If you are looking to partner with Caterpillar for all of your new, used, and heavy equipment needs, contact one of our Cat dealers today!

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