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Flexible Financing Options

In collaboration with Cat® Financial Services, Wagner Equipment can help make it easier for you to acquire reliable new or used equipment by providing a range of flexible financing options. Customized finance or lease arrangements can be tailored to the unique needs of your business, with competitive interest rates and flexible payment plans to help you achieve your business objectives.


Our Credit and Financing team is here to support you throughout Colorado, New Mexico and West Texas.
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Benefits of Flexible Financing Through Caterpillar

When you choose to finance new or used equipment purchases, you are making a smart decision that will enable you to achieve your financial objectives while meeting your operational needs. As a Wagner Equipment customer, we not only have a personal understanding of your business needs and objectives, but we can also help you plan for your future. Further benefits include:

  • Convenient, all-in-one source for your equipment sales, service, and support needs
  • Preservation of your cash flow for working capital needs
  • Quick acquisition of equipment to give you a competitive edge
  • Custom finance / lease options tailored to your needs
  • Low interest rates available for both new and used
  • Caterpillar® Financial equipment financing with superior customer service
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Planned replacement strategies to keep your fleet updated
  • Options to address bonding and bidding concerns
  • Financing options available for international transactions


Cat Card

A Cat Card ensures you have the resources available to manage your business's day-to-day operations. Use this revolving credit line to purchase parts, pay for service, rent machines and fill other essential needs quickly and efficiently.

Using this flexible Cat financing tool can help you build reward points for transactions at Parts.Cat.Com, the online Cat parts store. This capability can save you a significant amount on future purchases, reducing operating expenses and boosting your business's bottom line.

Having a Cat Card can also ensure you're ready to respond to financial emergencies and take advantage of unexpected opportunities, allowing your business to keep moving forward.


Cat Customer Value Agreement

Timely service is crucial for keeping your equipment fleet on the job and performing well. It also reduces the likelihood of costly repairs. A Cat Customer Value Agreement (CVA) through Cat Financial and Wagner removes the preventive maintenance burden from your shoulders and lowers your operating costs.

A CVA enables you to get the right parts for your machines when you need them. When your machinery demands more extensive work, you'll benefit from the confidence and peace of mind of having powertrain repairs performed by a qualified Cat dealer like Wagner. Choose from multiple program options to tailor your CVA to your equipment usage patterns and cost requirements.

Setting up a CVA enables you to take a proactive approach to preventive maintenance by keeping your equipment on a regular service schedule. You'll also have access to the user-friendly Cat app to monitor your fleet's health and get helpful maintenance tips and guidance. We can even roll the cost of the program into your monthly machine payment.