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CAT® HYBRID MICROGRIDS Integrating Renewable Energy

Offering affordable power that harnesses renewable resources and traditional fuels, Cat Hybrid Microgrids provide reliable energy solutions that keep your industries producing, communities developing, and people connected. Contact your local Cat dealer to fi nd out how your fully customised Cat Hybrid Microgrid solution:

  • Minimises fuel consumption
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Lowers total cost of ownership and achieves


Cat Connect Electric Power can give you the timely information you need

Using data from your assets and easy-to-use analysis tools from Wagner Power Systems, you can make wellinformed and timely business decisions that can help you control costs with remote troubleshooting that uses historical data about Events and Diagnostics to improve performance and reduce risk. Connected asset data can be remotely accessed from a single unit or an entire fl eet. Learn more about asset health and performance with our easy-to-use web interface that transforms data into insights from unit starts and stops, battery voltage and run ready analysis and other basic engine and electrical parameters.



Reducing your impact and your operating costs

Cat Microgrid technology offers fully integrated power systems with photovoltaic panels, energy storage, monitoring and control systems, Cat generator sets, switchgear, and Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS).


  • Customized renewable energy system specifi cally designed for your application
  • Cat thin fi lm high-effi ciency modules with proven performance over conventional crystalline silicon solar modules
  • Cost-effective power for on- and off-grid installations
  • Lower fuel consumption, reduced operating costs, and lower carbon emissions
  • Cat MMC integrates traditional and renewable energy sources to monitor and control connected microgrid assets
  • Smart energy storage can be added to enable power to be used when sunlight is not present

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Wagner Power Systems offers the best new and used power equipment for sale and rent. We are a full-service Caterpillar dealer, offering comprehensive services, such as Cat parts, field service technicians, custom engineering, technology products, and more. Our mission is to ensure that your every need that pertains to your Cat power system is taken care of, and our employees love to offer exemplary service at every turn, from helping you to choose a solution that works best for you. We also offer Equipment Protection Plans (EPP) to protect against costly breakdowns.

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