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Work with Wagner system architects to configure a custom power system for your healthcare facility. We offer systems for:

  • And our global product experts are always available for installation and ongoing maintenance – here to help you provide outstanding patient care.

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Hospitals and health care facilities rely on power generators to sustain a host of machines and operations, but unlike generators in other industries, if these systems ever fail, they can produce life-or-death situations. We offer critical life support power by designing custom power systems for healthcare facilities and hospitals, among other industries. Wagner has years of experience and expert architects who can help you from the initial concept to a solution that will work for your healthcare facility. We offer upgrades to your power systems, such as remote monitoring and fuel management systems. Plus, we offer lifetime support. Get in touch today.

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At Wagner Equipment, we are dedicated to providing quality, reliable, and customized power generator systems for health care facilities. We have a variety of systems that can support health care centers of varying sizes, from small urgent care clinics to massive hospital complexes.

Our products are trustworthy and provide critical life support to power grids in the event anything goes wrong. We have numerous success stories to back up this assertion, which we briefly explore below as we discuss the unparalleled performance of our power generator solutions. Contact one of our Cat dealers in Colorado, New Mexico, or far west Texas to see how we can help you today.

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  • Ensure your critical life machines still run
  • Ensure communications between patients and staff go uninterrupted
  • Ensure lighting stays on, including emergency lighting in stairwells and exits
  • Ensure security
  • Protects your electronic data, including patients’ records
  • Offers peace of mind
  • Ensure your HVAC system stays running. Heat stroke is a definite risk, as well as being too cold if the heating and cooling were to go out for a sustained period of time
  • Prevents the relocation of patients due to a lack of power
  • Ensure the refrigeration system keeps running. This is important for refrigerated medicines, such as vaccines, blood, intravenous fluids, and more, not to mention food items
  • Ensure internet stays up and running so you can process and find patient information, payments, and keep communication channels open
  • And so much more

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At Tift Regional Medical Center in Georgia, the hospital operates on an extremely large scale. Serving 12 different counties in the state and specializing in more than 30 different kinds of treatment, thousands of staff members and patients depend on the power system of this hospital. Whether it’s to keep job performance functioning, to run tests and medical devices, or to provide energy to critical life-support machines, the generator system of a hospital is absolutely crucial.

By working with their local Cat dealer, Tift Regional was able to acquire a well-designed, affordable, and reliable backup power system for their facility. The product complies with all Joint Commission standards, assessments, and reports. The standby power solution is fully customized and suited to the individual usage needs of the hospital.

Thanks to collaboration with Cat and its wide selection of backup power systems, the Tift Regional Medical Center is now prepared for any energy issues that appear.

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UnityPoint Health Methodist is a healthcare facility offering clinic, hospital-based, and in-home care. To satisfy its range of diverse services, the facility needed a power system fully equipped to handle the unexpected events of an emergency response facility.

During the demolition phase of an expansion project, the hospital suffered a power compromise. Thanks to their rapid response and comprehensive understanding of the urgency of the issue, Cat was able to provide the healthcare facility with the emergency power it needed. This not only saved the reputation of the hospital, but countless lives as well.

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As important as backup power is, so too is protecting the precious resources of this planet we all share. That’s why Caterpillar provides options for sustainable backup power. It’s both more environmentally and economically beneficial, and the systems used to produce power are just as effective as traditional forms of backup power generation.

The Upper Chesapeake Medical Center at the University of Maryland made a huge step in the right direction for eco-friendliness by choosing to work with Cat on their sustainable power system. The customized product Cat developed for UCMC incorporates steam-generated power with heat recovery systems to maximize efficiency and lower costs — both financially and environmentally.

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Being prepared is the best way to weather a power outage. Here are some tips you can easily implement in order to ensure your staff and hospital are prepared for the worst:

  • Maintain a maintenance schedule. You need to ensure your backup generators for your healthcare system are always in good working order. From weekly inspections to monthly testing, you need to monitor the health of your healthcare generator at all times.
  • Invest in staff training. All staff should have some sort of rudimentary knowledge of your healthcare generators. Basic troubleshooting, basic operation, and who to call for support should all be taught and reviewed with staff on a regular basis.
  • Ensure fuel resources at all times. One of the key worries you can eliminate is running out of fuel during an event where power is out for a few days, such as during a hurricane. You’ll need to have a full fuel tank or two nearby and ensure they are kept filled at all times.
  • Ensure your generator is protected. The elements can beat up a backup healthcare generator. You want to ensure your generator is protected from the elements. An enclosure works great to ward away the elements, as well as keep the sound down. You’ll want to make sure your backup generator is secure, so no one can tamper with it, too. Wagner Systems offers acoustic enclosures for new and existing electric or diesel generators. Learn more today.

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Wagner Systems is proud to develop and provide customized power systems for healthcare companies all over the nation. We know how important energy security is to the proper functioning of hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities of all kinds. That’s why we are dedicated to providing top-of-the-line power systems designed to handle any situation, and handle it to the highest level of performance.

If you are looking to work with the top Cat dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas, contact Wagner Systems today for more information on our backup power and emergency response energy systems. There’s too much on the line to have either an electric generator system that is antiquated or none at all. Wagner Equipment can help you from start to finish with a power system that will be reliable, durable, and that will last. Call to get started today!

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