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Wagner Equipment Co. has partnered with Metso to offer all of their industry-leading crushing and screening equipment, from jaw crushers and feeders to mobile conveyors and Metso crusher parts. In an industry where dependability matters, Metso has taken their 150 years of crushing and screening know-how and created the widest range of solutions. Designed to help you meet any challenge, Metso's comprehensive offering includes everything from industry-leading mobile equipment to enhanced parts and customizable on-site services. Our mission is to make your job easier, and your operation more productive and profitable.



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For the most part, the major industries that use crushing equipment are the mining and quarrying industry. Once rock is blasted from the ground, the materials are fed into a crusher, which grinds these up into small component parts. These then move onto the screening process where an end product is produced, which, in this case, is usually gravel used in road building, salt for road use during the winter, and other needs, such as landscaping gravel. The recycling industry has been the biggest growing segment of crushing equipment purchasers, using these machines to grind up bottles, containers, and other types of recycled materials so they then can be used to make new materials. For instance, glass is broken down and then remelted, used to make new glass items that we use everyday, such as plates and cups.

Plates or jaws are what you will see the most in crushing equipment. These smash together to reduce the size of whatever is fed into the crusher. There are a variety of crushers, and each is designed for a different use. Some crushers are not designed to handle huge boulder-type rocks. In fact, jaw crushers usually crush up huge boulders, which are then fed into a secondary crusher to break up the bits even more before it heads to the screening machine.

Wagner Equipment Co. offers a variety of Metso crushers for your industry’s needs, from impact to jaw crushers. These crushers are designed for high performance in a very compact size for portability. These jaw crushers are designed to crush all rock types, including granite and recycle materials. Easy to operate and high efficiency, you will be impressed by the performance of these crushers. Contact us to learn more today!


You can think of screening equipment as one giant sifter. After a crusher breaks rocks and other material into smaller, more manageable parts, this material passes through a screener, which then separates the different materials from each other. This is getting the rocks closer to the end process as the material may be separated or even mixed with other materials before being shipped out. Screening equipment can be a stand-alone machine, but when combined with a crusher, you have a complete material handling system. This is the most common application you will see as it just makes sense.

A piece of screening equipment is pretty simple and uses the same idea behind panning for gold with a hand-held screen, just on a grander scale. A screener consists of a screen to separate the particles, a motor to create vibration, and an area where the separated materials go. It’s that simple. You’ll find screening equipment wherever you find crushing equipment, including mining, construction, concrete, agriculture, and recycling plants. Once again, the mining and mineral industries are the biggest users of screening equipment.

Wagner Equipment Co. has partnered with Metso to offer the best crushing and screening equipment for your needs. Our mission has always been to provide you with everything you need to get the job done, whether you are erecting a commercial building, constructing a highway, or crushing rock for aggregate. With Metso’s crushing and screening equipment and mobile conveyors, you’ll have everything you need to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Contact one of our Colorado, New Mexico, or far west Texas locations today!


Wagner Equipment Co. offers the best crushing and screening equipment through our partner, Metso. We are a full-service Metso distributor, offering equipment, services, and process solutions for contractors and recycling. Metso has been manufacturing some of the best crushers and screeners for decades. These agile pieces of machinery are fully capable of handling all your material processing needs. This industry has seen a boon as of late with worldwide construction booming. Now more than ever it’s important to use crushing and screening equipment to break down old construction materials and supplies, as well as recycling materials, so that these can be repurposed and reused.


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