Mining has come a long way since its beginning. From pickaxes and manpower to mules and carts, mining used to be a toilsome and a dangerous endeavor that saw many mine collapses, injuries, and even deaths. Fast forward to the 21st century where mining is now very much a machine-dominated industry, with huge pieces of heavy equipment doing 100 times what men used to do by hand. If you look at the bigger picture of heavy equipment in general, you’ll see that almost every major industry that used to be done very much by hand, such as agriculture, construction, road and home building, mineral processing, and recycling, is now dominated by complex machinery and heavy equipment. Thanks to companies such as McCloskey Equipment who offer amazing crushing and screening equipment, we are the beneficiaries of their hard work and effort throughout the generations and the years.

Wagner Equipment Co. offers the best in crushing and screening equipment through our partnership with McCloskey Equipment. This crushing and screening company has been designing and manufacturing top-quality equipment for over three decades, including shredders, crushers, screeners, trommels, stackers, feeders, material handlers, and washing systems. Field tested, you can rest assured that this equipment can get the job done. To learn more about our crushing and screening equipment, contact a Wagner Equipment Co. location in Colorado, New Mexico, or far west Texas today!


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  • Jaw crushers. These crushers are designed to break up large rocks and other materials, such as coal and ores, into more management pieces. For this reason, they are called primary crushers. Jaw crushers are V-shaped where material is dropped down in a wide opening and then it tapers to the tip of the V where it is crushed when the opposite sides come together.
  • Gyratory crushers. These crushers feature cones set on a shaft that turn within a hollow body. The material to be crushed is placed inside the shell, and as the shaft turns, the material is crushed between the head and the shell, which narrows at the bottom, where the material is then discharged. These are also considered primary crushers, which break up large rocks into smaller, more manageable chunks.
  • Cone crushers. Cone crushers use compression inside a chamber that then squeezes the material that you wish to be crushed, thereby breaking it and reducing its size. There is a rotating piece of steel that crushes the material as it hits a stationary piece of steel inside the chamber. These are popular for aggregate, coal, concrete, fracking sand, and mining.
  • Impact crushers. An impact crusher uses striking rather than compression to break up materials into smaller bits. These machines use either a bar that strikes the material or an anvil that breaks the material on impact. These can be used throughout all stages for crushing, from primary to quaternary. These types of crushers are popular for crushing limestone, coal, gypsum, quartz, and other minerals.

Wagner Equipment Co. offers a variety of crushers through McCloskey, including impact, cone, and jaw crushers. Learn more today!


  • Trommel screens. These types of screens are put into a rotating cylindrical drum. They are perforated to separate out the larger materials from the smaller materials. Many drums are angled in order to aid the flow process. Depending on the application, these materials are then diverted to other areas where there may be further screening as well.
  • Vibrating screens. Many people are familiar with vibrating screens. These screens are on an incline plane or flat, which vibrate as the material passes over it. The larger materials stay on top, while the smaller materials are separated out. Clumps are also removed from the materials, which can be useful if the materials are wet, such as those  minerals that are found in riverbanks with mud.
  • Disc screens. Disc screens are used by many industries as these are amazing tools for the trade, separating out compost to discarded tires. These screeners feature rotating shafts with mounted discs that intermesh with each other and are spaced apart so that the smaller material falls through. These highly efficient screeners are low-maintenance as well.
  • Screening plant. While technically a machine with a type of screen, screening plants are popular in mining because they extract ores from materials using water. These screeners are popular because they are portable, small, and offer reliable separation of materials for an affordable price.

Wagner Equipment Co. offers many screening options in order to fit your needs, including trommel screens. Learn more about our McCloskey screeners today!


Wagner Equipment Co. is proud to partner with McCloskey Equipment to provide all of your crushing and screening needs. We are a proud distributor of McCloskey International screening and crushing equipment. McCloskey specializes in a complete line of equipment including cone, jaw and impact crushers, vibrating screeners, trommels and stacking conveyors. It makes sense to use crushers and screeners that are the most robust, durable, and heavy-duty to get the job done reliably, and that's McCloskey, McCloskey products come in a a variety of sizes and capabilities to choose from to help you tailor a perfect solution for your needs in mining, aggregate production, recycling, composting, topsoil, landscaping, and the contract building industries.


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