ST 092 Medium H-Series Wheel Loaders This class provides students with information to help them identify components, explain system operation, and perform testing and adjusting procedures on the 950H, 962H, 966H, 972H, 980H, and IT62H loaders.

ST 108 Machine Hydraulics This course is designed to teach the systems operation for the pilot operated hydraulic system, the load sensing/pressure compensating (LSPC) hydraulic system, the electro-hydraulic system, and the hydrostatic system. Students identify the different systems, trace the oil flow through the systems, and state the systems operation.

ST 178 Machine Electric Drive Systems Overview This course is designed to provide participants with a general overview of the electric propulsion systems used in newer Caterpillar machines with emphasis on the D6 XE TTT and 988K XE Wheel Loader. Note: Recommend taking DPC Modules: 55044 D6 / D6 XE Track-Type Tractor Service Training NPI…

ST 118 LSPC/PPPC Hydraulic Systems This training course reviews the fundamentals of load sensing pressure compensated hydraulic systems and covers the current proportional priority pressure compensated systems used in small and medium Caterpillar prime products. It covers the various component descriptions and locations, and how they affect pump control strategies. It will also cover proper…

ST 099 Loctite Adhesives & Sealants This course provides participants with a demonstration on the proper use of Loctite products and includes hands-on instruction.

ST 140 K & M Series Small Wheel Loaders This class provides participants with an overview of the systems and components of the K and M Series Small Wheel Loaders. An emphasis is placed on the hydrostatic transmission to include testing and adjusting, as well as functionality.

ST 176 Introduction to SIS 2.0 This training course familiarizes the participant with SIS 2.0. The location and description of the various information types contained in the program will be covered, as well as the techniques required to search for information.

ST 196 Introduction to Hystat Hydraulic Systems This class introduces the participant to the hystat hydraulic systems used on small track type tractors, and small wheel loaders. The course will cover system theory, testing and adjusting, and troubleshooting.

ST 333 Introduction to Genie Boom and Scissor Lifts This class will cover common problems seen on boom and scissor lifts as well as how to adjust the boom controls and configure operation. Participants will learn troubleshooting procedures and how to perform an annual inspection and complete the appropriate form.

ST 187 Introduction to F-Series Excavators This course provides basic information on the Small, Medium, and Large F Series Excavators, including 19 models, from the 313F through the 390F.