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New Year’s Resolution: Invest in New Heavy Equipment, Part 2

In our last blog post, we discussed some great reasons that you should invest in new heavy equipment this coming new year as one of your New Year’s Resolutions. From dependable and reliable to the latest technology, new heavy equipment has a lot to offer. Wagner Equipment Co offers the best in new, used, and… read more

New Year’s Resolution: Invest in New Heavy Equipment, Part 1

The new year is upon us, which brings excitement in many ways. You are probably setting your goals and planning the next year ahead. We here at Wagner Equipment Co are doing the same thing, and we submit that one of your New Year’s resolutions should be to invest in heavy equipment. We are a… read more

Winter Construction Equipment Rentals

  While it’s true that the winter season can put the brakes on for many in the trades and construction industry, there is still ample opportunity to get work done. Wagner Rents is a Caterpillar dealer that offers new, used, and rental heavy equipment in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas. Our team has… read more

We Help the Little Guy, Too!

Supplying All of Your New, Used & Rental Heavy Equipment Wagner Equipment Co is passionate about helping small businesses grow. When we began in 1976, we started from scratch, building our business one step at a time. Over 40 years later, we are doing the same thing, adjusting to the times as needed, but always… read more

Generator Maintenance Tips

generator and power systems wagner equipment co

If you are using your generator for primarily backup applications, it may be sitting for a while unused. In fact, you may even forget about it entirely. While there’s nothing wrong with your generator sitting, it still needs regular maintenance if you need it to perform when you do need the power for your operations.… read more

Benefits of Planned Tree Thinning

  A forest is a living thing that requires sustenance like all living creatures in order to survive. These include carbon dioxide, nutrients from the soil, sunlight, and water. However, when you have too many trees close to each other, competition for these vital nutrients can occur, leaving some trees squeezed and in an unhealthy… read more

Cat Spare Parts to Have On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Electronics

All heavy equipment these days rely heavily on electrical components to keep them up and running. Electrical components and electronics help keep the power moving within your machinery, which, in turn, helps to keep your machinery moving. Wagner Equipment Co has over 40 years of experience providing the people of Colorado, New Mexico, and far… read more

Cat Spare Parts to Have On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Undercarriage

Google any article on the undercarriage of your heavy machinery, and you’ll be told how crucial it is to the functionality of your piece of equipment. It performs a lot of work, and when it breaks down, it can be costly to repair. In fact, the repair bills for a piece of heavy equipment can… read more

Construction Equipment Rentals We Offer

  Construction uses a lot of heavy equipment in order to perform their daily work, from building houses to grading farmland that will now be the home to a new housing development. Sometimes, you just need a piece of heavy machinery for one job for a small amount of time. In that case, renting construction… read more

Cat Spare Parts to Have On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Cat Attachments


    Here at Wagner Equipment Co, we talk a lot about our new, used, and rental heavy equipment. But did you know that we rent Cat attachments as well? When you operate machinery, you need spare parts for when something breaks. This is not only prudent, but it’s necessary if you are to eliminate… read more