Types of Screening Equipment

The primary job of screeners is to separate the material you want from the material you don’t want. There are different types of screening equipment so you can get the job done right. This helps to sort out what you are looking for and helps to remove the material you don’t need at a faster rate. Screening equipment is incredibly important in many industries, such as construction, mining, and mineral processing, so having the right type of screeners can save you time, effort, and manpower.

Wagner Equipment Co offers the best crushing and screening equipment for your needs. We have partnered with many crushing and screening companies, such as Metso and Mccloskey, to bring you world-class machines that will last. From trommels to feeders, we’ve got your needs covered. We have over a dozen locations in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas to better serve you. Below, we’ll take a look at the different types of screeners available. Contact our team to get started today!


Trommel Screeners

Trommel screeners feature rotating drums that roll the material that you are screening around. These drums are perforated. This allows the finer particles to flow down through the trommel screening plates. The larger materials continue through the trommel and head to the next step in the process, which varies depending on application. This material can be sent back to a shredder or crusher for further processing. The drum can be an at angle, which helps with material flow.

You will see trommel screens used in gold mining because of their ability to shift out extremely fine particles. These screeners are also popular for use in processing wood chips, compost, aggregates, demolition waste, and topsoil. Newer models are highly-efficient machines incorporating the latest technology. With an energy-efficient engine and a hydraulic drive system, along with control systems for sorting, trommel screens can be mounted on rubber-lined steel frames with replaceable screens. These screeners are also found on the end of grinding mills and scrubbers.

Vibrating Screeners

Vibrating screeners rely on motion to sort out materials. Most are mounted on an incline plane that is in constant motion to screen out your desired minerals, or some are horizontal and feature more than one screening deck. Either a drive system provides the power or an electromagnetic vibrator. You will see these screeners used in mining operations where the material sorted is ½ inch or smaller. This type of screener is usually an initial screener with the sorted materials being sent to further processing. Within vibrating screens are different types as well. For instance, the most common type of screeners you will find in mining are linear and circular vibrating screens. Both of these screeners are excellent at sorting large amounts of material efficiently and quickly.

Disc Screeners

Disc screeners feature rotating shafts that separate material into two. These shafts intermesh with one another, which is what creates the spaces for the separation. Newer disc screeners feature anti-clogging systems that were originally developed for urban and industrial waste. This system has been refined over decades and works extremely well. Material is fed into a sloping screen and is moved along. Smaller material then falls through narrow openings below, while the larger material is left on top of the screen. Oftentimes, at the end of this, the remaining material will be processed further, such as in a grinder or diverted to a reject conveyor. This process removes impurities from materials.

Other Types of Screeners

There are other types of screeners, such as gyratory screeners, circle-throw vibrating equipment, or high-frequency vibrating equipment. However, all of these are just a version of the main screeners above. In addition, you can swap out screens on the screeners that have different meshes and sizes in order to completely customize your screener to fit your needs. There are also two main methods to screening raw material and that is using wet screens or dry screens. Wet screens spray water during the screening process, which helps to remove excess dirt and grime. Dry screens rely on vibration only to meet their needs.

As you can see, the process of screening materials has come a long way since the days of panning for gold. With technological innovations, applications, and better methods, companies can achieve scalability and realize more efficient performance. Tons of material can be screened in a day, allowing companies to continue to provide for the country’s ever-present need, while saving time and money.


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