Spare Parts to Have On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Engine Parts, Part 3


Your engine is the workhorse of your heavy equipment, providing the power to perform amazing amounts of work that would take humans thousands of hours and hands to do. Similar to the human heart, with proper care and maintenance, your engine will run smoothly, effectively, and efficiently for a very long time. Having Cat engine parts to keep your heavy machinery up-to-speed is important, can save you time, and can save you money in downtime.

Wagner Equipment Co offers the best in heavy equipment parts for our new, used, and rental Caterpillar machinery. We aim to be your all-inclusive heavy equipment dealer, helping you with service, Cat parts, and heavy equipment for sale. Since 1976, we have been passionate about helping our customers in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas have everything they need to help their customers, from Cat attachments to be able to dig a trench easily to huge Underground — Hard Rock heavy equipment for mining companies. We help you with the health of your Cat machines with fluids analysis to the ease of paying your bill online. No matter your heavy equipment needs, we can help. Below, we’ll conclude our blog series on spare Cat engine parts that you should have on-hand. Contact one of our Cat dealers to get started today!




Most people know that their transmission is important to the function of their cars. However, most people do not know much beyond that. The job of a transmission is to take the power generated in your engine and transfer it to the wheels (or tracks if you have a tracked piece of heavy machinery) so your machinery can move. It also regulates the speed and is responsible for shifting gears. Thus, when your transmission goes out, you don’t get very far, even if your engine is humming like a bumble bee. Our 184-3675: Plate-Pressure is vital to the braking system of your Cat machine. This Cat engine part helps to slow, stop, and keep a Cat machine in place while it is idling. These small Cat parts are used in the drivetrain systems of Cat machines, helping to increase brake life and maximize performance. In addition, we carry Genuine Cat parts to help service your transmission, such as our 157-6894: Disc-Thrust and our 9W-1741: Pin.


Many people do not know that diesel engines are much more fuel-efficient and last a lot longer than regular gas engines. Much of this has to do with the way it performs combustion. The turbocharger is partly responsible for this higher efficiency and power output of a diesel engine. The turbocharger’s job is to compress air as it moves into an engine’s cylinder. This compression speed allows for more air to be in the combustion chamber. When more fuel is added, more power is generated. This entire process allows for smaller engines to do the same amount of work as engines without a turbocharger, which is important when you are talking about thousand pound machines and heavy-duty trucks.

We offer our 0R-7152: Turbo GP. This Cat Reman part is specifically designed to perform the above job in the extreme temperatures of such an environment. Our remanufacturing process ensures high-quality, seal integrity, and balanced assemblies just as new turbochargers have. You can save costs and increase turnaround time with this Cat replacement part. All of our Cat Reman diesel engine parts come with an unlimited mileage 12-month standard warranty. Check out our 164-5039: Seal O-Ring and our 9C-4434: Bracket A as well, and order your Caterpillar parts online today!

Valve Train Components

While the job of the valve train, which is to open and close valves, seems trivial, this very important task helps the engine have power. The valve train controls the air that flows in and out of the cylinder, and the air, as we’ve learned, combined with fuel is what is lit in the combustion process to form energy. There are many components of the valve train that all work together precisely to control the combustion process. Some of these components include the camshaft, camshaft followers, push rods, rocker arms, rocker shafts, valve bridges, valves, valve springs, and more. Our 0R-8495: Camshaft Assembly are cylinders that align with the engine valves. As these cylinder-shaped camshafts rotate, the engine valves, both the intake and the exhaust valves, open and close. We offer all of the valve train components you could need for your Cat machinery to function properly, including our 176-3209: Camshaft and our 204-9316: Gear GP-Cam.


Most people outside of the mechanical world have heard of pistons and probably have even seen them on TV. They are the most obvious moving part inside an engine that people associate with making an engine work. Of course, pistons are much more complicated than just a piece of metal that goes up and down. Pistons are housed in the cylinders of engines. Piston rings are small metal rings that ensure no gas escapes. The piston works in tandem with the crankshaft that converts the up and down motion of the pistons into the motions that move the vehicle’s wheels. In other words, pistons transfer the force of the compressed gas in the cylinder that is attached to the crankshaft that moves your vehicle’s wheels.

Wagner has all of your Cat replacement piston part needs covered. We offer our 094-9672: O-Ring Breat for all your sealing needs, as well as our 361-5595: Gear-Crankshaft, which is used for your crankshaft as the name implies to help with the reciprocating motion from the pistons as it converts the energy to circular motion of your wheels. Browse our Cat parts online today!



Our motto at Wagner Equipment Co is to keep you moving. We understand that when you are working, the last headache you need is for your heavy equipment to stop working. This means a loss of productivity, which, of course, translates into a loss of money. We also understand that heavy equipment will break down over the course of time — everything in life does. The best things you can do are invest in preventative maintenance and be prepared for the breakdowns when they come.

Wagner Equipment Co offers the best Caterpillar engine parts for your needs. Whether your tractor is sputtering or your telehandler is not lifting, we’ve got your service and your part needs covered. Our field service technicians can help troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair your new, used, or rental heavy equipment right where you are at. In addition, we offer 24-hour service, as well as a whole host of Cat parts services to better serve you. Our popular Wagner Parts Exchange helps to reduce the downtime of your fleet and save you money. You simply bring us your old part, and we’ll swap it for a remanufactured Cat part.

If you prefer, we can help you with your Cat rebuild, and you may be able to finance the cost as well. Rebuilds invigorate your old machinery with a new life, enabling you to get many more years from your Cat machines at a fraction of the cost of new machinery. We partner with SITECH Rocky Mountain as well to bring you machine control systems to help you be even more efficient on the job site, and our fluids analysis helps you maintain the health and integrity of your heavy equipment.

Wagner always puts the client first. Since 1976, we’ve worked diligently to ensure you are taken care of. Your success is our success, and when your clients are taken care of, your corner of the world prospers. If you are interested in partnering with Wagner for your heavy equipment needs, including Caterpillar engine parts, contact one of our Colorado, New Mexico, or far west Texas dealers today!