Spare Parts to Have On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Engine Parts, Part 2

The fundamental role of your heavy equipment’s engine (and all engines for that matter) is to convert the energy in a fuel source into mechanical energy for the sole purpose of creating motion. An internal combustion engine is man’s best invention to accomplish this in order to have machinery (component parts of steel and other metal alloys and plastics) perform tasks that we want them to perform, such as your car moving forward, your tractor tilling the ground for planting, or a mechanical assembly line that packages products for shipping. If the engine or any of its component parts on any machine does not work, nothing moves, resulting in a standstill. If you’re a business, having heavy equipment or machinery not doing their job results in downtime and money out the door in lost production time. It’s one of the most dreaded things in a business owner’s life. Thus, having spare Cat engine parts is a prudent move, indeed.

Wagner Equipment Co offers the best new, used, and rental heavy equipment to serve your needs. We have Caterpillar dealers in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas. Since 1976, we have dedicated our lives to ensuring you have everything you need to ensure your heavy equipment runs smoothly. We not only offer most types of Caterpillar heavy equipment, such as front loaders, bulldozers, telehandlers, and drilling machines, but we also offer Genuine Cat parts and exceptional service for your heavy equipment. We have over 230 field service technicians who are factory-trained to diagnose, evaluate, and offer up options for your uncooperative heavy equipment. Then, we can offer up a repair and get you moving again. By following our values in action of teamwork, excellence, accountability, safety, integrity, and communication, we ensure your every need is met. Visit one of our Cat dealers in person or online today!

Cat Engine Overhaul Kits — On-Highway

Caterpillar offers a variety of Cat Engine Overhaul Kits to meet your needs. Similar to the Cat Engine Overhaul Kits for Machines, the Cat Engine Overhaul Kits for On-Highway comes in four different levels for on-highway truck models C12, C13 ACERT™, C15, C15 ACERT, C16 and 3406E engines.

Learn more about the differences between our Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Overhaul kits below.

Bronze Cat Engine Overhaul Kit — This kit contains everything you will need for basic engine repair, including main, rod and thrust bearings and a complete set of seals and gaskets, retainers, plugs, and hardware. It also includes value-add components like Cat oil filter, Cat fuel filter, exhaust sleeves, studs, and thermostats. This Bronze level Cat spare parts kit has no core charge.


Silver Cat Engine Overhaul Kit — This kit includes everything that comes in Caterpillar’s Bronze Cat Engine Overhaul Kit, but also has new (6) pistons, liners, wrist pins, rings, retainers and a rod-less, and an unassembled cylinder pack. Like the Bronze level Cat spare parts kit, there is no core charge included in this silver kit as well.


Gold Cat Engine Overhaul Kit — This kit has all of the Genuine Cat Parts as in the Bronze level kit, but includes also 6 Cat Reman cylinder pack assemblies. These Reman cylinder packs come with the rods, pistons, rings, and liners preassembled. This saves a lot of time and money on the labor to piece those parts together, which makes this Cat replacement parts kit a great value.


Platinum Cat Engine Overhaul Kit — This kit is Caterpillar’s most complete On-Highway truck engine kit. It contains all of the components from the Gold kit, plus Cat Reman cylinder head assembly, Cat Reman fuel injectors, Cat Reman water pump, and Cat Reman oil pump. If you are looking to optimize performance, increase fuel economy, and extend the life of your trucks, this comprehensive Platinum Cat parts kit is for you.

One of the biggest benefits of investing in a Cat Engine Overhaul Kit is that it will save you a lot of money rather than if you purchased these individual Genuine Cat parts by themselves. Caterpillar offers a 12-month warranty on all of our parts, so you can rest assured that they will help your machines now and for many years to come.

Exhaust Components

As part of the internal combustion process, waste gases are produced, as well as other combustion pollutants that must be removed from the engine. This ensures that you don’t breathe in the noxious smoke or chemicals, and that the noise from the engine is kept to a minimum. The exhaust system of your heavy equipment is composed of several components that ensure these unwanted by-products of the combustion process are filtered so they can do no harm.

Caterpillar offers our 232-1828: Coupling-Exhaust that plays an important role in turbochargers. They help to move more air and fuel into the combustion chamber, which, in turn, increases capacity and thus engine performance and efficiency. 

Our 134-7900: Muffler Assembly helps to reduce the noise that is inherent in the combustion process. The engine’s pistons and valves let in bursts of gas. These gases collide with molecules that create waves that then flow into your exhaust system. Your muffler creates an opposite sound wave that works to cancel out the sound wave from your engines so that there is no sound. Shop all of Caterpillar’s exhaust Cat part components online today!

Ignition/Electrical Parts

Suffice it to say, your ignition is important to your engine. In a gas engine, your battery provides the power to allow your spark plugs to ignite the fuel/air mixture in the engine’s combustion chambers. In diesel engines, you do not need a spark to ignite the fuel/air mixture in your engine’s combustion engine. However, glow plugs are used to heat the combustion chamber enough so that it can start, especially in cold weather. Cat offers our 439-7618: Plug-Glow for our heavy equipment to help in the ignition of compressed air inside your engine. 

Our 562-0376: Spark Arrestor helps ensure your job site and employees are safe from errant hot exhaust particles that can be emitted from the internal combustion engine process. Spark arrestors are now required on many vehicles, such as motorcycles, in order to prevent fires. In the 1950s, many industrial and heavy equipment vehicles in the logging industry were starting accidental fires from stray hot sparks emitted. Spark arrestors have largely eliminated these, and today they can be found on almost all types of equipment, from Ag equipment to UTVs. These are good to have around when they wear out or fall off. Shop all of our Cat replacement parts online today!

Over 40 Years Of Heavy Equipment Experience With Wagner

There is no question that Caterpillar is the top name in the heavy equipment industry. With roots dating back over 100 years as our founders worked tirelessly to find better ways to perform work with the new burgeoning technology of the automobile, internal combustion engines, and diesel engines,

Caterpillar continues to be a leader and innovator in new, used, and rental heavy equipment. From incorporating technology at every turn to ensuring our customers needs are taken care of from the moment they start to inquire about the purchase of a Cat machine till the moment they sell it, Wagner Equipment Co, a Cat dealer, has been a leader in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas in heavy equipment for over 40 years.

Since the very beginning, we set out to be the best, and we continue to strive to meet those goals. We have incorporated our values in action at every turn, including teamwork, excellence, accountability, safety, integrity, and communication. Despite the ups and downs in life and circumstances, we’ve been with our customers, supporting them in their desire to make the world a little bit better. We offer comprehensive services to ensure you have the spare Cat parts you need when you need them, whether that’s on a 24-hour emergency call basis or that’s using our Cat Parts Drop Boxes. We have over 230 factory-trained field service technicians who answer your calls happily, taking pride in helping you get your heavy machinery up and running again as quickly as possible. We offer fluid analysis so you can check on the health of your machine, and if you visit our stores, we offer a friendly smile and answers to your questions.

Wagner Equipment Co invites you to see the difference we offer in customer service and value added to your heavy equipment needs. Contact one of our Cat dealers in Colorado, New Mexico, or far west Texas today!