Spare Parts to Have On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Engine Parts, Part 1


Engine parts are some of the most important spare Caterpillar parts you need to have on-hand. After all, if your engine goes down, so does your machine, and it might be a while before it is up and running again, costing you big time in the services you offer your customers.

Wagner Equipment Co has been offering the best new and used heavy equipment, as well as rental heavy equipment to the homeowners and business owners in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas since 1976. Our core mission has been to be your one-stop-shop for all of your heavy equipment, Caterpillar spare parts, and service needs. Over the years, we’ve expanded our offerings to better serve you, such as offering power systems for rent, fluids analysis, and machine control systems that can all help you do your job better, which means more profitability and a bigger impact on your end. Below, we’ll take a look at some Caterpillar engine parts you should have on-hand. Contact one of our Cat dealers, or shop Cat replacement parts online today!

Aftercooler Components

Aftercooler components are used with diesel engines to control the temperature of the air after it has passed through the turbocharger on the engine. Since the job of the turbocharger is to give your engine more power and energy efficiency, the air can heat up. This air needs to be cooled down before it goes through the combustion process. If the air is too hot when it hits combustion, it can then become dangerously hot and ruin your Cat engine — something no one wants. Thus, it’s good to have some of these Caterpillar parts around your shop for when they are needed. Cat offers many different types of aftercoolers, including this 343-1813 Aftercooler and our 294-2788: Kit-Aftercooler, which provides you with everything you need for your aftercooler and works extremely well in the field.

Compressor Components

Many people think of air compressors that they use to fill up their car’s tires or their kids’ bicycle tires. Similarly, an air compressor in a Cat engine provides a steady stream of air to where it is needed the most. Engines use compressed air to both ignite the engine and get it going and to keep it going. The pistons in your engine begin by pushing air through cylinders tinto a combustion chamber where it is compressed. The compression heats up the air as the molecules in the air move faster. Combine with fuel, you have ignition and then power. Caterpillar is proud to offer many Cat engine parts, including our 10R-1453: REMAN Air Compressor Group and our 1W-2804: Piston As-Compressor. Having Caterpillar engine parts on-hand makes it easy when you need a quick repair. Order yours today!

Cylinder Head and Components

As mentioned previously, your cylinder transports air to the combustion chamber in your Cat diesel engine so that it can start and have power. Cylinder heads sit on top of the cylinder block, forming the upper part of your Cat engine, and help to form the combustion chamber. Their job is to close the combustion chamber at the top. Our 0R-1042: Head GP CYL is the perfect addition to your Caterpillar engine part collection in your shop. This Reman Cat part provides the same performance as new Genuine Cat parts but at a fraction of the cost and at a much smaller impact on the environment. Our 217-5213: Insert-Valve Seat are important Cat parts that are assembled where intake and exhaust valves rest..

Engine Rebuild Kits — Machine

Engines wear out just from everyday use. From the elements, such as wind and rain, to the slight rubbing of components inside your Cat engine, heavy equipment engines can take quite the beating. Caterpillar offers a variety of engine rebuild kits so that you can care and maintain your engine, while extending its life and improving its performance and energy efficiency. This helps to ensure you have very minimal downtime while on the job as your heavy equipment ages. When you invest in a Caterpillar Rebuild Kit, you’ll have everything you need to get the job done. We offer these for our most popular engine models.



Bronze Engine Rebuild Kit — This kit is the basis for all the other kit levels. This engine part kit is designed to contain Cat spare parts you normally would not think to have on-hand, such as a thermostat. This Cat spare parts kit contains: temperature regulator, fuel filter, oil filter, hose, thrust plate, spring, gaskets, o-rings, seals, plugs, retainer ring, bolts, nuts, washers, bearings, locks, studs, clamps, spacers, and a breather assembly.


Silver Engine Rebuild Kit — This kit contains all of the Cat parts from the Bronze kit plus  6 pistons, liners, rings, retainers, and rodless, and an unassembled cylinder pack.



Gold Engine Rebuild Kit — this kit includes every spare Cat part from the Bronze kit plus 6 Cat Reman cylinder pack assemblies preassembled with connecting rods, pistons, rings, wrist pins and liners. This preassembled cylinder pack saves you between four and six hours of labor when rebuilding your Caterpillar engine on your heavy equipment.


Platinum Engine Rebuild Kit — This kit contains everything the Bronze kit contains plus Cat Reman cylinder packs, 6 Cat Reman injector nozzles, Cat Reman complete cylinder head, water pump, and an oil pump. The advantage to the Platinum Engine Rebuild Kit is that the preassembled Reman cylinder packs and cylinder head save hours of labor and headaches on your end, as well as help with engine performance, fuel efficiency, and the prevention of future breakdowns.

One of the best reasons to invest in a Caterpillar Engine Rebuild Kit is to be able to repair your engine before it completely dies. As you know, most heavy equipment engines will offer up signs that it’s in trouble. Being able to grab one of these Engine Rebuild Kits can save you a lot of time in hunting and searching for individual Cat parts that may be scattered throughout your shop.

It’s always best to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. When you operate heavy equipment, it’s to be expected that at some point they will wear down and need attention. While regular maintenance helps to prevent major breakdowns, your machinery may still cause stoppages in work. The key is to minimize both the number of breakdowns and their length so that you can ensure you keep moving. When you invest in Genuine Cat Parts from Caterpillar, you can rest assured that all of our spare heavy machinery parts are of the highest-quality and engineered for durability and strength. These spare Cat parts are made to fit your machine precisely, and all Cat parts purchased from Caterpillar come with a 12-month warranty.


Wagner Equipment Co understands the importance of having Cat replacement parts on-hand. We’ve been helping our customers care for and maintain their Caterpillar machinery for over 40 years. Our mission is to keep you moving by not only supplying you with the best Cat parts and service, but also with the added value of support, superior customer service, online assembly guides, power systems, financing, and so much more. We strive to have an answer to every question you may have and a solution to any problem that may arise. We offer rebuild services that you can finance, our Wagner Parts Exchange where you can exchange your Cat parts for Reman Cat parts that all come with a warranty, and we offer our Cat Care program where we will mail you everything you need for your routine preventative maintenance.

Wagner Equipment Co has over a dozen locations all across Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas to better serve you. From our Cat Parts Drop Boxes to our 24-hour emergency services, we strive to ensure your needs are taken care of no matter what time of day or night you work. You can shop our Cat Parts Store and pay your bill online, or sign up for a hand-on lab to learn more about the specifics of Cat engine and equipment service.

If you are interested in partnering with Wagner for all your heavy equipment, parts, and service needs, reach out to one of our Caterpillar dealers to get started today!