Reasons to Have Cat Spare Parts On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Belts

Who would have thought that a piece of rubber could be so integral to the performance of an engine? Enter the lowly belt that without it, your engine would not run. It's sole job is to transport power from the engine to other parts of your car, truck, or other heavy equipment. It sends power to your alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, and the water pump, amongst other items. However, belts do wear out, so it's important to have this essential Cat part on-hand for when it does.

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History of Power Transmission Belts

Humans have understood for thousands of years that energy can be transmitted by simple machines. In the case of belts, the force this is applied is transmitted by the belt from one rotating shaft to another. The Chinese are the first to record the use of a mechanical belt drive combined with a pulley in 15 BC. It is believed the Babylonians and Assyrians used a chain system to draw water before this time. The Chinese used this system on looms for textiles, which is still used in some form today. Flat belts have been used since the 19th century in logging, mining, and farming to convey energy as well.

Belts and pulleys are the simplest and most efficient way to transmit power between shafts, which is why they show up in cars and heavy equipment. Even with all the new-fangled technology, they cannot be beat. Belts are quiet and require little maintenance outside of when they need to be replaced. Belts also help prevent jamming and load fluctuations. They can transmit high power at high speeds.

Leather was at one time the preferred material to make belts from. Cotton, hemp, flax, and wire were also used in the 1800s. Today, the most often used materials are rubber and engineered polymers, many with embedded fibers or wires, because they last longer and are less inclined to break suddenly.


Belts Wear Out

The biggest reason to have spare belts on hand is because they wear out. With cars and trucks, they usually last around 50,000 miles before they need to be replaced. With heavy equipment, this can be imprecise because most machines don't move with regards to miles, so the hours used by the engine is a better measure of when your belts should be replaced.

Belts Can Break

Although a broken belt does not happen too frequently as long as your machines are well-maintained, it does happen. As you know, when your belt breaks, your car, truck, or heavy machinery stops. This can lead to costly downtime that you want to avoid.

Belts Can Become Inefficient

Over time, your belt will wear out before it actually breaks. As the belt wears out, it will lose some of its efficiency transmitting power to where it needs to go. This will result in your engine having to work harder over time, which can result in more fuel usage and less power being transmitted to power your car, truck, or heavy machinery.

Saves You Time

When a belt is on its last legs, it can be difficult and/or inconvenient to get a replacement belt on the fly. Or, you have to send one of your staff members to a Caterpillar dealer to retrieve one. When you have Caterpillar spare parts on-hand, such as spare belts, you can rest assured that your operation won't be slowed.

Saves You Money

When you need a belt because your job site has shut down, the price you are willing to pay for one goes up due to the urgency of your need. You may end up paying more for the spare Cat part than you would have liked. By having spare Cat parts on-hand from Wagner, you can rest assured you won't be paying more than you should.


Caring for your belt system is critical, but can be easily overlooked. Maintaining proper tension and alignment is key. Taking care to try and keep your heavy equipment shaded in the hot months and out of direct sunlight can help as well, since UV rays can degrade belts. Also ensure no debris can get tangled in them.

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